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Advertise your T4 For Sale
Date: Wednesday, 13/Jan/10, 3.37 PM | Message # 1
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From: 27/Jan/09

That's right advertise your T4 FOR SALE absolutely FREE on a hold till sold basis

Right here in the heart of our forums where everyone will see it..

Rules for doing so:


The Four Important Rules

1 - In order to post with-in this our Members section you MUST BE A REGISTERED MEMBER, of either T4 -T5 Club UK, VW Auto-Sleeper Club or T4 -T5 Camping Club, and have completed a Introduction Post in whichever you have joined lastly you must have a fully completed profile, [all will be checked] If you have not yet registered please do so now HERE

2- This forum is for the buying/selling/trading of PRIVATE entered Volkswagen Transporter T4 – T5 [T5.5] vehicles, parts and accessories including any associated equipment or items reasonably usable with-in the usage of said vehicles including electrical and I.C.E equipment, general camping equipment and wheels/tyres & Auto-Sleepers associated vehicles, equipment & spares

3 - Only PRIVATE MEMBERS sales/wants or FREECYLING are allowed WITH-IN THESE FORUMS here.

4 - As with all forums on this site, these overarching rules apply: Site Posting Rules . Here are the forum specific rules, and that's the way it is until posted differently.

• If you are not making an offer or asking a question of the buyer/seller then please don't post! Every post bumps the thread to the front page. This is unfair to other members who also deserve their turns on the top. Needless posts in this forum are a discourtesy to other members. Please keep this in mind before posting. If you are not involved in the transaction, please do not post. Posts deemed not following the spirit and letter of this rule will be removed at the discretion of the Admins.

• You may not run parallel sales on other sites. Any links to off-site sales or any other evidence that an item is for sale elsewhere will result in the immediate removal of the item here. In other words, if you appear to have it for sale somewhere else, don't sell it here. Additionally, our forum is not to be used to advertise sales elsewhere, [except in the Websites – Ebay Finds Forum area] but strictly for buy/sell/trade among our community members.

• Any post deemed to be flaming or trolling will be removed. That includes insulting offers. If you don't like the asking price, then don't bid. It is *not* useful information to post that you can get it cheaper at "Joe's Fly-By-Night emporium." Also, do not post links with prices or similar examples in threads, unless you're the thread originator. If there is a link, graphic or suitable information you think would be helpful for the sale, please send it to the thread originator, so they can post it at their discretion.

• Please contact any thread originators privately by PM/e-mail to discuss any issues which, posted publicly, might detract from a member's thread. For example, please do not post complaints about a seller's asking price. It is the potential buyer's choice whether to pay the price, negotiate, or go elsewhere, no need to trash the thread. If you believe there is some issue for which the membership needs warning, please use the Pm function on the post in question to explain the situation to the Admin’s who will rapidly investigate and refer any decisions immediately available .

Acceptable items [but are not necessarily limited to] the following:

Vehicles: Any and all Volkswagen Transporter vehicles all models, years and versions including VW Transporter related Auto-Sleeper vehicles.

Parts and related equipment: Any and all parts suitable for Volkswagen Transporter T4 T5 or T5.5 vehicles, service parts, replacement/OEM parts or pattern parts.

Accessories: Any accessory reasonably able to be used in the driving of any Volkswagen Transporter vehicle, including I.C.E, Alarms, Lighting, Conversion materials etc

Wheels/Tyres : Any wheel or tyre combination/s able to be used in the execution of fitting to Volkswagen Transporter vehicles of any type.

Camping : Items for the purpose of camping in the wider sense of the phrase i.e. Awnings, camping general, gas items, heating, clothing, sleeping, eating, cooking etc

Items not specifically mentioned in the categories above are subject to Admin’s discretion. If in doubt, contact us prior to posting via PM

• There are only three categories of acceptable advertising accepted here: "For Sale", "Wanted" and “FREECYCLE” You are only permitted to have one active topic per category with no repeat ads for same item please, and you must keep all items/requests in the related topic.

If you do, by chance, have multiple threads going, under no circumstances should your threads, of any type, be bumped within 24 hours of each other! Important!! If you would like to remove or mark as sold the items that are gone, just PM Admin and we will edit your listing for you!

• By popular demand, You MUST list your asking price on items for sale. It saves time and may make your sale faster. We don't do auctions here.

• Posts by unregistered and anonymous users will be deleted. If you can't be honest enough to register with us in a legitimate manner, who would want to buy from you?

• Remember the Shopping Mall section/s of these forums is strictly for posting transactions in the following categories "For Sale", "Wanted" and “FREECYCLE” If you don't want to buy or sell then there are other more appropriate places to discuss and gather information such as General Questions or Buying Advice .

• Price check posts are *not* permitted here (i.e. "how much can I get for a ...".) all must be contained with-n the What’s It Worth forum

• Once you have posted your item/s, do not delete the item/s, or remove the post once your item/s have been sold, it will be marked AS SOLD as it allows others to see what has previously sold and thus encourages all to make use of this amazing FREE offer.

• Please note that buying, selling and trading of Gift Certificates, Coupons, Cards, of any kind are likewise NOT allowed here. Too many problems with misrepresentation and fraud.

• The sale of any illegal items of any nature is Not Permitted.

This is Not a complete list of items Not allowed, so anything Not listed above, is Again, if in doubt, Contact us prior to posting, by PMing one of your Admins who will all be able to assist or Pm me direct for an immediate answer

These are our rules use them or dont post

Failure to follow these rules or multiple misuse of these areas may lead to that user being banned from the For Sale/Wanted Forum.

For specific posting details or if unsuare if a post is allowable please enquireby PMing Admins [we will not unreasonably dis-allow any advertising with-in reason]
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T4/T5 Club UK and its domains are currently up for sale due to severe illness of its owner, if you beleive you have what it takes to run it get in touch TODAY (note the community is NOT at risk and will continue in any situation)


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