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 Image posting made Easy
Posting images in our forums, and other members areas is really quite easy, it only appears hard at first sight, study the steps below and try it out you will very soon master the art, and see how easy it really is
Follow these simple steps to successfull image posting in any area of our community, they all work the same way....
At the foot of our forum pages, under where you would type your comments if replying to a post
[it is the same process in our Ad-Board, Blogs and such like areas] 
You will find an "Attach File" box just like this one:
Attach File [not more than 500kb]  
Upload an image
1 - To attach an image simply scrool down to the "Attach File" box at the foot of the page, in our forums it's below where you would type your answers to a post... now left click the browse button [once], to find your picture storage location on your computer, [usually in your "My Documents" folder in your computer, having found this folder scroll [look] through your stored images until you find the correct one you wish to add, upon finding it left click twice on the image which will move it's path to the "Attach File" box where upon you are half way completed, follow the next intructions...
Image Placement
2 - Lets say you want your image to go here, to get it here or anywhere else on any page simply copy and paste from the "Attach File" box below the BLUE letters thus $IMAGE $
   $IMAGE $
The box remains the same only now it has added $IMAGE $ on the end... If you have successfully captured your iamge it will have similar writing to that above in the box I.E C:\USERS\PICTURE\00234566\T4SUNDAY\JPEG or something similar depiciting the path to your actual image
Copy and Paste
3 -To copy and paste take your mouse to the box that has the blue text $IMAGE $ in and whilst holding down your left mouse button, move the mouse over the text until you have highlighted all letters, then right click once and choose "Copy" from the drop down list, take your mouse to the exact spot where you wish the image to show now, right click once on that spot then choose "Paste" from the drop down list, which will place the $IMAGE $ where you want it..
Note at this point only the $IMAGE $ place holder will show NOT the actually image! but fear not when you are completed and have hit "Post" your "Post" then appears with the image attached
To add more than one image to a post
To add more than one image to a post simply repeat after first hitting the + sign to the left of the "Attach File" box to give another attach file box for your next image we recommend no More than 2 images per post please...
The only time this will not happen is if your image is either over 200x300 in size or 500kb in storage capacity, in which case you will need to either pick another image which is of a suitable size or resize your image
To find out the size of an image prior to trying to upload, simply go to your "My Pictures" folder and right click choosing "Properties" at the foot of the list, the page will display the size/s of that particular image for you to be able to assess whether it will upload effortlessly...
If you are still unable to post images after trying the steps above send your images along with where you wanted them placed and we will happily do it for you
Please do not repeatedly attempt to post your images, if at first you do not succeed, give in and read the guides written esecially to assist you with this and other tasks, both in this and other sections to enable your time online with us to be a happy, stress free time for all.
If you follow this simple step by step instruction you will be posting images with the best of us, with every post you make, it seriously is not difficult it only requires a little patience, to master, once you have you will seriously wonder what all the fuss is about over this, also see above how to resize your image to suit, as almost without fail, most peoples digital cameras are set to take far to large images, this is set at the factory most do not reset it it, for general use an image taken at the standard 6x4 as your printed images have always been will suffice and enable you to not have this rigmarole each time you wish to use them online 
Then you to will be able to upload images just like these:
If in doubt PM Admin who will do their best to help you
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