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What is the best model of T4
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How - To
Resize Your Images - The Easy Way
The easiest way to re-size an image if you are not familiar with the workings of the likes of "Photoshop" or any one of the numerous other software packages out there specifically for the purpose is to do the following:
Follow the following steps
1- All computers running on most versions of Windows have a programme called "Paint" which is easily accessible via your Start Bar - All Programs - Accessories - select "Paint"
2- Once in the programme "Paint" head for the Top Control Bar from here select Image - Resize/Skew click on this tab which will bring up the resize/skew box
3- Once opened it will give you options to resize your image simply change the 100% to 50% and click "OK" having done that your image will be 50% smaller ensure both horizontal an dvertiscal were done at 50% ignore the "Skew" part leave it as is.
4 - When your happy your image is of the correct size on your screen it should be about 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 inches which is  8 cm or 88mm x 11cm 114mm
5 - You will doubtless require to this on several occasions i find normally 3 times suffice you are aiming at getting a picture no more than 250x300 and 500kb and the sizes above
6 - Finally when your happy with its new size simply go to File tab at the top of the page, select "Save As" and save as something other than the original files name otherwise you will loose the original image
To create and Aviator simply downsize ita  few more times up to 6 sometimes is required for such useage
To Find Out Your Images Sizes and Mb's
To find out the size of your image in the first palce is really simple to:
1- Go to your picture files storage on your computer usally called "My Pictures"
2- When in my pictures folder, select the image you want to use and right click on it selecting the "Properties Tab" at the foot of the list
3- In the properties you will find the following information  Location   C:\Users\User\Pictures Size  112 KB (114,768 bytes)  Size on disk - 116 KB (118,784 bytes)  which gives you the KB of your image
4 - If you hit the details tab it will give you the overall size under Image Dimensions will be something like Dimensions 1026 x 768 width 1024 pixels and height 768 pixels [these are sizes of an unchanged image]
5 - Your useable image should read something like 6 or 7 kb and Dimensions 300x250 max width 300 pixels and height 250 pixels
It only seems hard once you have completed the task successfully a few times you will get the hang of it, many have thought it impossible and now confidently add images willy nilly wheer they fancy one..
If at all unsure feel free to send them to us telling su where you wish them placed we will happily do it for you, it is however a nessesary evil, to ensure our bandwidth is kept to a minumum therefore keeping us FREE, by learning this simply task you will be helping to keep us FREE
Downsized by 50% once
Downsized again by 50%
Last and ideal size downsized again by 50%
 Note details for Mac computers is coming soon
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