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May 2011 - We are attempting to gain A.C.C.E.O & D.E.F.R.A excemption:

A.C.C.E.O. is the "Association of Caravan and Camping Exempt Organisations” - The association represent about 200 clubs throughout the U.K. and is our voice on government committees concerned with Leisure camping legislation. They also negotiate preferential terms and deals on member’s behalf such as Caravan Insurance, Breakdown Cover, Ferry Tickets and many other items. You can find out more about A.C.C.E.O. at their web-site:
We are also seeking to obtain a D.E.F.R.A. exemption certificate allowing us to camp on land not licensed for leisure camping without applying for planning consent, providing we have the landowners permission and the local authority do not object.
If you have had to deal with such organisation before we would be greateful for your help, advice and guidance in this fraught with issues but for us very imporatnt area, please let yourself be known to me at t4club@live.co.uk

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