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Simply read below:

As we truly believe that as a members club, group, or community call them what you wish, depend upon the members participating in the website by submitting news, information, images or participating in a forum of some sort, thereby it is the member who is supplying the information, why should be then charge that member to access both it and other member submitted information, fact or image!
At T4 - T5 Club we do not believe we have a right to do so, we have been told on numerous occasions that the information we supply is eqaul if not better than some monthly magazines, in our editorial areas on our website alone, with the result, we should really be charging for access to it, if not for the entire website, however in answer to this we would counter by saying:
That here by the grace of god, i am available to write my own website community, which i enjoy and do for myself more over, any true member of this community by now will know me well enough to know what and why i do this, it most certainly is not for the fame, and it can't be for finacial gain, seeing as how there is none, being a wholly NON PROFIT community, [we simply have no income as yet [3/09], and what income we will ever realistically ever gain from this will only ever come via advertisers, companies in the Transporter line, and even then this will only ever be of minimal amounts to enable us to naturally grow, as time goes on to meet the bills insuing from such a community, should we ever get there, to a point where we need more "bandwidth", more anything which i do not forsee being an issue for sometime to come, [as a member you are always if you feel you wish to make a donation to our running costs you are able to do so HERE.] so why do i do it then?
It is my hobby, my pass time and my passion, [both the website and the T4 - T5 Transporters], which is the honest truth of the matter, having previously been a member of another similar community taught me an awful lot about how it shouldn't be done, allowing me to go, put my thinking cap on and come back with what has widely been revered as a far better offering then where i previosly was stationed, now taking the view each to their own, where our focus is firmly set on the people, the vehicles and the scene in no particulat order, encouraging free speech, involvement and participation by all as an equal community.
With all this in mind we continue for the better good of all our members irrespective of creed, colour, nationality, model, year, colour, spec etc all as one happy family under the VW badge, just exactly as it should be, and we will continue to do so without charging a sit goes right against our very purpose for being here, i know what the costs thus far have been, and lets say a night in the pub would easily cover any costs i have had to bear, for after all what i gain great enjoyment from after all.
I trust this will explanation will cover any queries you might of had, in this respect however, if not, i welcome your questions via my e-mail at t4club.live.co.uk
Added by: Dougie (Admin)
Simply put as follows:
As a members club we expect, as a condition of FREE membership to T4 - T5 Club UK that ALL members SHALL, in any one calendar month participate at least twice in that month, in one way or another.
Be that by submitting to any one of our many features, allowing us to show some images of your T4 - T5, joining in on anyone of our numerous forum topics, submitting your "For Sale", "Wanted" or other adverts or via many other means throughout YOUR website.
We do this for 2 reasons:
 1 - In an attempt to diswade 1 post wonders, from posting only the once, using our website to solely advertise their companies upon, or to reek havoc upon on our happy community, none of which we welcome nor want.
2 - Secondly we do this to encourage our members to join in, to take part and become involved with the content and design, along with the day to day running of our website, it is after all YOUR website, as such you should have a right of input into it's running.
We have found during the supsequent running of our T4 Camper domain, [our previous website], that this is a very effective way of keeping the bulk of our many members happy and sticking with us, effectively cutting down dramatically on infighting, stupid squabbles and down right character assination, as is rife elsewhere on similar communities to that of our own, which only leads to uncontrolable fights and such braeking out, which neither myself nor my team wish to witness, nor be forced to take action upon.
T4 - T5 Club was formed to attempt to combat this very thing, as such we will if nessesary take appropriate action at all times to combat such behaviour
Added by: Dougie [Founder Editor and Webmaster] (Admin)
Registering and signing in to our community, is really quite simple, although some members have experiences difficulty at the start, directions are below to rectify this, and it is usually a simple oversight and easily repaired.
See answer below:


1-     Fill in our registration form with all required information, in particular all items marked in red, sensibly and with the truth after doing so, hit submit.

2-     At which point an e-mail is sent to our admin, with your details and IP address, and one is sent to you for verification purposes, YOU MUST VERIFY THIS E-MAIL BY CLICKING THE LINK WITH-IN THIS E-MAIL, otherwise our system will not accept your details back into our system.
2a-   Note once registered an e-mail will be immediately sent to you, entitled  uNet - Welcome to our community!, to verify your registration from our server noreply@unet.com this email will probably end up in your junk mail, it is imperative that you lookout for it and reply to the link with-in to ensure future unhindered use of our community
        3-     Having verified this e-mail it should direct you back to our community if you go 
           to www.t4club.co.uk www.t5club.co.uk, at which point you will arrive at our front/main page.

4-     Proceed to fill in your username and password exactly as you signed up, noting all such details are stored in LOWERCASE letters and numerals, after inputting these details a green tick will appear on the left hand side of the log-in box, you have now signed in and are free to use our community in full, if the tick appears in the box as a red x, then you have not been signed in, the most likely cause is you have not filled in the username and password exactly as we have it on record, or that you have made a mistake with it and this is a second attempt at it, as the system automatically “remembers” in which case it will of remembered wrongly!, in which case un-tick “remember” and do it again at which point it will without any problems sign you in.

5-     When you have successfully signed in to our community, the GREEN tick will appear on the sign in box, but the page will not change, you navigate around our website via, the page links on the left hand side of the page, and the features links on the right.

6-     In the unlikely event that any other issues, or problems arise whilst attempting to sign in please either add t4club@live.co.ukto your Msn account and e-mail us to let us know you have done so, and I will personally talk you through the process.

        7   Some extras with-in our community require verifying by our admin team and may not show you
                post them, please be patient, if they are not live with- in 24hrs please do let us know at
                t4club@live.co.uk where a member of our admin team will investigate and rectify the issue.


Added by: Dougie (Admin)
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