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           T4 - T5 Club IS CURRENTLY FOR SALE -- Community Forum and ALL domains See "General" Forum for full details and how to place a bid

T4 - T4 Club UK - Shopping Mall
"Advertising Guidlines - Information 2011"
All items listed for sale/sought on this portal must be the sellers property to sell [with relevant tiles if required, in the case of vehicles they MUST have V5 docs] and must be in good working order unless stated otherwise.

Please contact the seller directly via PM, email or telephone in relation to any advert.

Please do NOT use for sale threads to discuss similar items, use the search forums link to source appropriate areas to do so.

www.volkswagen-transporter.co.uk can and will not accept liability for faulty goods or services supplied through this or any section in any of our websites, under any circumstance and WILL not enter into any dealings there-in, remaining impartial and NOT liable in all cases, we will not get involved in disputes arising from any transaction initiated via our communities, the responsibility lies solely between buyer - seller whether it be a Trade or Private entered advertisement [we openly encourage arbitration in such matters that should always be amicable, and would welcome details for reference only so as we may ammend as appropriate]

All adverts should be clearly marked in any of the common/shared areas of this MALL as to whether they have been Privately or Trade sourced and thus added, Without Exception.

To place an item in any section you need to first be a member of any of our communities having completed a registration form, as a minimum complete an Introduction post in the relevant forum you wish to join, if not a few posts as a common courtesy to our other members who work tirelessly day in day out to keep us alive, before posting any advertising, beware first posts that are in anyway advertising are frowned upon by all, it's simply bad manners .....

Remember to ALWAYS including price, CONTACT DETAILS, condition, description, and any accompanying images, in ALL advertisisng a iamge tells a thousand waords as they say and we beleive this is indeed correct, helping to seel or find that ellusive part for sure. 

T4 - T5 Club UK - VW Auto-Sleepers Portal - T4 -T5 Camping Club & Shopping Mall are wholly owned by www.volkswagen-transporter.co.ukall are operated as NON PROFIT online vehicle communities, BY THEIR MEMBERS FOR THEIR MEMBERS.
We allow advertising in our Shopping Mall feature only, doing so without charge nor allowing our community to be advertisment driven keeping all such materials in one area, with its own doamin to enable it to be indexed seperately giving far better coverage for all adding advertising, we are NOT a money making scheme nor present simply to bolster a fatcat owners wallet, we therefore only allow the absolute best of the best to join us here-in [ALL trade advertising is by invite only from personal reccomendations of our members mostly, although all are welcome to apply to be included] all advertsisng is detailed throughout our many co-joined website ventures, being a part of T4 -T5 Club UK will undoubtedly pay those involved well in future weeks, months and years, as we grow and grow..
We hope to be able to attract business advertisers to sponsor pages or take out whole page advertising with in our many areas on several pages/features, we primarily seek advertising from motor parts and service suppliers relevant to the ownership and running of the VW T4 - T5 Transporter, VW Auto-Sleepers and teh associated scene and lifestyle products and services so as to benefit our membership, but will also equally welcome admissions from Vehicle sales, accessory and camping supply groups dealing in specific goods/services specifically for VW Transporter/VW Auto-Sleepers owners, and not fogetting Insurance, Wheel/Tyre distrubutors and custom conversion companies. Our aim is to provide a directory of only the best from each area, up to and not exceeding a level at which our members are not swamped with banner, after banner on ever page like some...space is of course at a premium so best get in now before your competition see what a truly great FREE offer we are making....
Running from its very own domain our top level www.volkswagen-transporter.co.ukdomain will ensure its longeviety and future success utalising the two MAIN keywords in 95% of searches for such goods/services FACT!! we are well placed to scoop a lot of hits, which translates into more customers for all concerned and supporting us.
By advertising on our Shopping mall web site you would be directly benefiting the wider VW Transporter/VW Auto-Sleeper communities in the UK and beyond, whilst at the same time securing an excellent FREE way of advertising your business or service to potential buyers of your product or service/s as everyone of our rapidly growing membership are all after all really a potential customer of yours requiring your products or services to enable the safe, secure and reliable motoring they expect from their respective VW vehicles.
By operating in a NON PROFIT manner we are able to offer all FREE advertising and/or Reciprical Linking, Banner excahnging oppurtunities ... with a solution to suit every size of business, and likewise every situation, special offer or discounted line. If you find that we do not have a solution to suit your direct needs or that of your operation, feel free to get in touch, to discuss what we are able to tweek to best suit your outfit, to satisfy your requirements fully, we are here to help, and will where possible adapt or change our system if that would assist your decision to advertise with us over elsewhere...
Similar and lesser advertising with-in similarly contented websites/communities is known to raise their owners in excess of £100 yearly for a small banner type advertisment, with the fee rising substantially to anything upwards of £1000 per year for a 1/2 page in most instances we are able to offer a full webpage in a specially featured specific area of our community which bears its own domain www.volkswagen-transporter.co.ukwhich is itself well quoted in most search engines, allowing your page to be found in several ways like when an owner searches for either Volkswagen or Transporter and more specifically T4 and T5 Transporters allowing search engines to list and index all it's pages allowing every contributor to our Shopping Mall feature a mini website thus attracting still more viewers and buyers for your product...let alone the through traffic from our community itself via our members, not forgetting forum links, i.e.when talk in our forums turn to products such as yours we can use yours as an example to show what we are talking about thus then allowing still more coverage, all in all we offer an excellent deal for any small, medium or large company, established or not..........We have had Danbury as our core sponsors this last 2 years, which has been an honour and privelage for sure however next year it could be your company up there on our front and main page this is another FREE campaign we operate for one lucky participant picked from our advertising areas throughout our entire internet communities.... A great honour and a great way of both gaining customers and repect for sponsoring a community.....which is a well respected act in many owners eyes..
Contact us HERE
Types Of Advertising We Offer
Shopping Mall  - All Shopping Mall featured companies receive FULL page advertising area where they are pretty much able to advertise themselves,  and all their products or services and indeed any special offers and discounted lines to our community and guest viewers, few restrictions are placed on this area we want you to treat it as much like either a mini site based upon your own current website or a shopping parade window where you place all your one off specials or monthly offers type of thing.
It can then provide an area for you to draw in a new customer base, for your service/speciality showcasing in totally your own area this we have found works best when it is then based on any content you currently have online on your own site, it will contain live direct links to your website, land and mobile phone numbers, address details so potential customers may contact you in any way they please, we have further found to offer some type of discount to our community as a bonus often works well, it is entirely up to you to use as you wish....used well it could make a great difference to your current sales/commisions.
This sort of advertising on a community with figures as high as ours could easily cost in excess of £1000 a year and we offer you it absolutely FREE OF CHARGE 
Banner Advertisements - Share a page with one other companies banner, on a page of your choice [subject to availability of course], which will return you qualified hits to your own web site, supplying potential customers a way of finding your products/services right at their fingertips on the community they spend their free time on where they are far more likely to find and use you from a solution aimed at small businesses, [with FREE copy banner advert placed in our LINKS page in the most appropriate section] a service elsewhere we know that is likely to cost you in excess of £100 per year again offered absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.
Reciprical Links - We will further consider submissions from like minded reciprical link partners, who operate suitable web sites, who are willing to dispay our banner and description in return for us doing likewise, on a totally FREE like for like basis. In order to set up a reciprical link to and from our web site, please firstly place our banner as found below, on the relative page on your website with the description - "T4 - T5 Club UK- The NO1 online VW T4 - T5 Transporter community web site and forum - FREE MEMBERSHIP"

Having done this forward the url of this link to us HERE[for varification purposes], along with your own banner and description and we will of course, [having checked our banner is live on your site] we will reciprocate it immediately. [we operate a weekly check on all linked websites, any found to not supply a live link will be immediately removed from our website/s]  

[Alternatively mail us and we will send you a copy]
If you feel you would like to advertise with us here at T4 - T5 Club UK feel free to go ahead and book your advert HERE All advertising is on a strictly first come, first served basis, primarily due to a limit on available space, get your requests in now before your competition beat you to it as they undoubtedly shall.

We reserve the right to refuse any advertising that we feel is not in line with the themes and content of our web site, the Editors desision is final.
The NO1 online VW T4 - T5 Transporter community web site and forum - FREE MEMBERSHIP.
Help us to stay online, feel free to make a donation to our up keep, whatever you can afford however large or small it all helps to cover our costs and duly keep us online, whether from a company or private individual it all makes a difference.
Think you can't help us ! 
Then think again there are loads of ways in which you can help us to stay online not nessesarily by donating to our cause, and not nessesarily in hard cash either.
Can you donate to us either some of your valuable time to write or manage a page, or can you offer us a FREE service, what can you do ? a number of proffesions are currently being sought to complete some tasks we require finishing to take us to the next level, we need How To's, Technical information, Buyers Guides, Build Logs, Maintenance decriptions, Images, Vidoes, Travelogues and so so much more so as to build this community into its rightfull place as No 1, we also require simpler things like a Women to compile a women's Eye View on Vw's, we need a stream of useful antidocotes and recipes and a womens way of managing a campervan compiled into a monthly feature page, we need a show reporter, and a few others to join our team as we build, and duly get bigger and stronger, commit just a few hours of your time to us and watch us grow.....
If any of the above positions interest you, or indeed you can think of any others please contact us HERE and tell us a quick bio about You the person, why you think you have what it takes to be on our team, and what you can bring to the table by way of expertise, knowledge and such like noting all positions are UNPAID....we look forward to hearing from you soon..
We need a designer to donate work on our new web site and a graffic designer to design a logo encapsulating both the T4 and T5 scene, so as to be able to run under only one banner, so to speak, giving us one identity rather than two.
We openly welcome products to "FOCUS" which is done by as many members as we can get together at any meets in that season, where we use, abuse and finally give away as a raffle prize all donated items, these can be parts, accessories, camping products you name it if we can use it all are most welcome, and for doing so each company or individual would receive a full page Shopping Mall feature along with as many links, mentions and of course recomendations as we could hope to put on that product.... Our thanks then to Duflectas and Rs Bodykits for their kind submissions for review want to be next feel free to contact us HERE giving full details of your product/service offered
And lastly someone in the vehicle graffics trade to design and donate some striking graffics to place on our vehicle so as to advertise each and everytime our vehicle hits the road, as it is our daily driver that would be quite often as it goes, in order to gain maximum publicity, what we are looking for really is a bonnet bra or sticker type design and a rear window graffic of the see through type often seen on taxi windows, to be designed and made FREE of charge and gifted to us for use on our T4 alongside a few simple www.t4lub.co.uk - www.t5club.co.uk lines of text for the side windows, or do you have a better idea, if so get in touch HERE   
NOTE all suppliers of donated or FREE goods and services, would by way of thanks gain free advertising in all relevant sections at the head of said section thus first in line the relevant section of our web site feature, where possible recognition alongside their particular donation where it is used or appears [subject to certain limitations] so whilst you would be donating your products, time or energy you would be recieving back valuable advertising on our web site, and elsewhere, working together we will be able to make this website ever more popular at which point that advertising could potentialy be worth a small fortune, we look forward to working alongside some old and some new faces, welcoming onboard anyone who is willing to assist in any way however small, get in touch now ! 

Thank you one and all

Previous and current main subscribers
We would like to take this opportunity to thank our advertisers old and indeed new for your continued support, without which we would not be on line today, all recieved revenue goes towards keeping us live online on a day to day basis, keeping us current and up to date.

The Team at T4 - T5 Club UK sincerly thank each and everyone equally, we look forward to continued support from old and new advertisers alike, dont wait to long or we might not have space for your advertising when you finally realise it is a NO CATCHES, NO CONS, TOTALLY FREE service we offer here, unlike some we are not money, figures, member numbers or profile obsessed, we maintain our presence to better the scene, the lifestyle and the ultimate way of living using such vehicles brings - FULLSTOP no ifs, buts, cliches, gangs, or infighting here just plain good old fashioned family fun like it used to be when VW and Auto-Sleepers started

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