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What is best A T4 - T5 - T5.5/6
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Do you regularily use an awning, if so which one
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T4-T5 Forum
T4 -T5 Club UK
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It is our intention in using this gereral form to collect data about your useage, and interests so as to be able to target our resources better dependant on where you live, what your interests are, and which model you drive, therefore it is absolutely imperative that you fully complete all sections to help us to help you, and supply the community you both want and need. 

You may alternatively contact us at any time by email, directed to the most suitable department, ensuring a quicker responce.

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And last but far from least you may add our e-mail to your MSN Messenger thus allowing direct live contact with the team add  t4club@live.co.uk to your contacts. [Please send us an e-mail first to explain who you are, so we can accept you]






At T4 - T5 Camping/Clubs/VWAOC UK we take your concerns, suggestions and ideas very seriously, helping to shape our communities around your aspirations, and visions for the overall communities as a whole, therefore we encourage ALL our members to become involved in anyway they wish to with the overall communities, if you have an idea, a suggestion, or something to add to our lively communities, feel free to drop us an e-mail detailing your ideas, or just to tell us what your up too, many have done so by submitted their T4 or T5 or AS to one of our monthly features, or added to our already popular galleries, there are lots of ways to participate, least of which is by posting in our forums, thus gaining comment from our entire community, most of all enjoy yourself, have fun, and of course help and assist where possible, keeping the leisure uses of the Transporter alive.
See how to contribute HERE and HERE on our Submissions Pages
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