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What is the best colour for a T4
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Ebay Good & Bad
Date: Sunday, 27/Dec/09, 1.02 PM | Message # 1
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From: 27/Jan/09
I have been previously asked about this before and have decided now to include a section specifically for GOOD and BAD E-Bay usage [just to be far you understand, i guess i know which will be the most used though biggrin

So feel free to post you experiences either way

Cheers Dubman Dave for bringing this to my attention, and thuis setting up of this part of the forum cool

You will find the new section in our Good & Bad business section, have fun, and please be aware anything derogitary will be edited so as to not get us jailed.

However i am 100% with bringing these conmen to everyones notice, there are far to many loopholes, in their system that thus far seem to favour the conmen...

T4 -T5 Club UK backs honest, sellers everywhere but warns that our beloved marque is also being infiltrated by "Scene Taxers" who by the nature of the beast have worked out that both T4's and T5's are getting ever more popular, thus they will try it in there hundreds with dodgy inferior goods, vehicles and over priced tat, it is your duty as a resposible member of the resonsible, happy, friendly community to report, such instances right here to thus warn ALL our members


T4/T5 Club UK and its domains are currently up for sale due to severe illness of its owner, if you beleive you have what it takes to run it get in touch TODAY (note the community is NOT at risk and will continue in any situation)


T4 - T5 Forum Pages » Shopping Mall » Website/Ebay Finds » Ebay Good & Bad (New Section)
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