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General Business Rants
Date: Sunday, 15/May/11, 4.57 PM | Message # 1
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From: 27/Jan/09
First off a Rant From The Best Ranter in the buiness MOI biggrin surprised

Company Excuses for inificiency or bad workmanship ....

This refers to a thread that has been brought to my attention elsewhere [for legal reasons i.e. me being sued i cant mention names]

Suffice to say that AGAIN a company that is perported to be one of the best if not the best conversion company in the current "T4 Scene" is badly failing to supply a decent level of servie or workmanship to its customers reorders, exchanges or sorting out basic errors in a reasonable time frame or to the customers satifaction...

Sound familiar it should its happening to a fellow T owner in the country everyday

Mostly blamed said companies of which there is sdaly a growing number, [we are after all the victims of our own success, as us loving and spending fortunes on our vans is what keeps all these companies in business is it not?] is it to much to expect a half decent level of service and quailty, i for one certainly do not think so!!!

But worry not guys as its apparently only down to these companies having to big a workload? or being so busy with work? shows? family? and/or a multitude of other excuses, that they are unable to deal with even SIMPLE customer compaints.

What is going on? Why should we accept this when paying good money for conversions or services?

Where, why and should a company owners private concerns, issues and worries and for that whole matter how he choses to over prescibe his resources have any bearing on how? why and more importantly efficiently they deal with such issues?

At the end of the day we do NOT control how many conversions/operations they take at any one time, nor do we have any control over staffing levels, nor a whole myriad of other things that make up what they do day to day, however surely the way that company deals with these "issues" has to be what either makes or breaks their reputation, we after all are teh ones making these companies "Great" we use their services, we show off their work, or say what great service we have had or not as the case may be, it seems that for months now its been teh case of NOT

Given that a lot of these said companies in question will probably come into most owners lives at some point due to their activeities with-in the "T4 Scene" surely its beyond time a lot of these guys sat back and worked out what makes them the biggest or best i.e. US THE CUSTOMERS and took another look at the way they operate....and maybe stopped taking in on the whole far to much work, which means many are never completed properly!! to a viable standard nor on time!!!! as i speak then it doubtlessly being blamed on the company being too successfull ??
which i dont get if they didnt take in so much work that they clearly cant handle then there wouldnt be problems what these guys do what shows they go to, and what and how often they are at home is no concern of us the mere customer and shouldnt be used in anyway as an excuse, for getting it wrong ......

I mean would we get away with when going to collect our vans in saying" Oh im sorry but my wee wein needed to be played with so im a few hours late and needed to go to the seaside so im afraid i am a bit short paying you" but do not worry i will sort it out when i can be bothered of course it wouldnt be acceptable...

The Only Solution Then:
We need to be on the whole as owners concerned with "The Scene" the experience and the levels of service or not we are getting, we absolutely en-masse have to boycott these shady companies that are making the real/true and lasting good guys look bad, by posting your experiences so we all know where and where not to spend our hard earned ££££££'s


T4/T5 Club UK and its domains are currently up for sale due to severe illness of its owner, if you beleive you have what it takes to run it get in touch TODAY (note the community is NOT at risk and will continue in any situation)


T4 - T5 Forum Pages » Shopping Mall » Good/Bad Business Guide » General Business Rants (" Air your veiws on no particular company/entity")
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