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T4 - T5 Forum Pages » Shopping Mall » Good/Bad Business Guide » Van-x
Date: Tuesday, 14/Feb/12, 3.57 PM | Message # 1
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From: 22/Oct/09
angry Hi Guys be carefull if you buy any bits from VANX they tend to get things wrong as they did with me, the other day, sent of for some nice door crome covers for my van , they didn,t arive, then i i gets a phone call from a mr smith from Kidderminster, saying i have your van handles, considering i live in plymouth, what they had done is put the parts in a box with the receit with my address on it then put mr smiths address on the box and it got sent to him, so i phoned them up vanx and they tryed to blame the royal mail for sending it to the wrong place , HELLO ! wink I had a right go at them, about it i told them they need to sort thier staff out, mind you it didn,t help that the guy i was speaking to was not English, came from some were they make curries and no thats not Birmingham, if you get my drift, so needless to say i wont be using them again wacko so be carefull with them , they just didn,t seem to care when i was on the phone to them, still blaming the Royal Mail O Really cry Get a Grip VANX




Date: Tuesday, 14/Feb/12, 6.49 PM | Message # 2
Group: Moderators
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From: 06/Sep/09
Hi Buster sorry to hear of your issue with Van x. I have the utmost regard for Van X & they are also willing to supply our club with discount. Sounds to me like a simple mistake of two orders placed in the wrong box's.

Did you get the name of the guy you spoke to if not I would certainly phone them back & ask for Reza he is the owner of Van X & explain what has hapenned, he is a very nice chap & will go out out of his wway to please his customers mention us & say Rob asked you to call him & im sure he will sort ouy your problem.

I will see him at BVF this year in July so if I have to ask him what happened for you then I will.



Rob. [Secretary]


T4 -------- X Pack -------- Blue Thunder AKA The Bat Mobile


Date: Wednesday, 15/Feb/12, 2.24 PM | Message # 3
Major general
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From: 20/Feb/09
Have to agree with you Rob. I've never had an issue with Van -X. Hopefully just a genuine error.


Stewart & Joan
Living the Dream!!


Date: Wednesday, 15/Feb/12, 2.50 PM | Message # 4
Group: Admin
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From: 27/Jan/09
Likewise used them many times not sure im happy about the ref to the person you were talking about either? Van-X have a great reputation with in custom van parts and i will not allow a singular what honestly sounds like a genuine mistake to have any effect on a good company i am a member on just about every VW forum amd owner of this one and i honestly cant say ive heard any other such complaints i shall keep an eye out though and monitor thier performance in the meantime ........ We are all entitled to our opinion i am sure Reza and his staff will if they have not already done sort sort this out rapidly if you Pm your order nos or name & address one of us will happily contact them for you and get it sorted out


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T4 - T5 Forum Pages » Shopping Mall » Good/Bad Business Guide » Van-x
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