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My T4
Date: Wednesday, 25/Aug/10, 2.19 PM | Message # 1
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From: 26/Jul/10

My ride, lowered & running on 18's.
New Bilstein on the front & the back Sach-Boge shocks.
Mandrel bent 2.5in with a METAL CAT catalytic & 4in Cannon muffler.
Replaced the inlet with a UNIFILTER best filters in the world hehehehehe connected to a 2in tube.
Engine tube is connected to custom oil/air separator.

Here is a link to see my full album

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Date: Wednesday, 25/Aug/10, 6.01 PM | Message # 2
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From: 27/Jan/09
Very sweet buddy nice like the different from norm colout too i'm sure Rob and Glen will be on soon to talk to and pick your brains about your engine mods, sounds a ripper mate ....... btw thats one PHAT exhaust bud surprised


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Date: Wednesday, 25/Aug/10, 9.10 PM | Message # 3
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From: 06/Sep/09
Hi ther welcome to the club

You got me ther at first I read the post & sratched my head & clicked on your link then I realised its a noin turbo model.
Liking the style & I bet a lot of people think wtf so what's the performance like from the non turbo & how does the ride feel on those bilseins & hows the ride on the lowered motor & how low?


Rob. [Secretary]


T4 -------- X Pack -------- Blue Thunder AKA The Bat Mobile

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Date: Thursday, 26/Aug/10, 11.47 AM | Message # 4
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From: 26/Jul/10
Back Again RS MY MODS,
First thing I noticed was a small gain in power around the mid-range, & more responsive. The originally black rubber tube had a big hole & spewed oily air all over the engine bay, all cleaned up. Big lumps of hard oil build up inside the inlet tube & all over air Temp senser, messy. And inside the electric idle unit. Pulled the throttle body off & idle unit off and degrease untill shiny & clean finish. Cleaned & Degrease inside the 5-cylinder body unit of oil & dirt untill clean. Divertered the engine breather tube to a oil/air separator & then to the open air. No More oily inlet tube. I don't know how low my ride is but the front bumpers are just touching. The rears are about 15-20mm from touching the bumps. Going to raise the front one turn up on the tosion bars & about 10-15mm up on the rears. She is way to low at the moment. Going to get the ECU piggyback for more performance. The new shocks are a hard ride but like the road handling.
Is there any mods for this engine ?? I see EUROSPECSPORTS & GMG RACING make internal engine parts for VW/AUDI Lookng for a sports camshaft for my model engine



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T4 - T5 Forum Pages » Community » Readers Rides » My T4 (MY RIDE)
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