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Log-In Issues
Date: Wednesday, 11/Aug/10, 3.19 PM | Message # 1
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From: 27/Jan/09
Ok guys it seems some a very few it has to be said are experiencing log in issues to our site i have been on to teh makers of our base design who expalin it like so, [well almost - cut down a bit]

"If your users are experiencing log in issues it could be for many reasons having found that 'everyones computers, system, internet suppliers, and computer settings are different thus it makes it very hard to pinpoint a specific problem causing this for only a few, it would seem that as most can indeed log in in the vast majority of the small number of sites that suffer this issue, it would appear at least that it is not caused by an issue with our coding or designs, but rather with that actual users system, it also seems far more of an issue for users in the United Kingdom than anywhere else which after exhaustive tests and system changed the reason can not be identified with any consistency..

We have always advised all users to best view/use this system to use Firefox as your browser where we know there are no issues of this type, our system was designed primarily for use with it at initiation as the country of origins biggest user is Firefox, with this in mind if you are experiencing login - log out issues please before giving up completly install Firefox from the link on the top right of your screens.

We trust this goes some way to comexplaining that there is little if anything your Administration or indeed we can do to help if using this does not immediatly cure your issues"

So it seems for now the few that can not log in we are unable to help!!! if installing and using Firefox does not cure this issue for them ??
I shall however continue in my quest to source a definitive answer and cure as soon as is possible


T4/T5 Club UK and its domains are currently up for sale due to severe illness of its owner, if you beleive you have what it takes to run it get in touch TODAY (note the community is NOT at risk and will continue in any situation)


T4 - T5 Forum Pages » Administration » Website & Forum Issues » Log-In Issues ("How To")
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