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What is the best model of T4
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Off Topic Threads
Date: Friday, 09/Oct/09, 12.54 PM | Message # 1
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From: 27/Jan/09
Guys whilst doing my daily housekeeping more and more now i am finding severly off topic threads where lets say the thread started as a "T4 Show Us Yours" with a couple of images and ends with a gearbox problem, which causes our search facility all sorts of issues as the gearbox problem information would never be found, in actual fact being buried for life.

Which in real terms means that we will all end up having to re answer topics that we ahve already answered so whilst we are still relatively small, prior to this becoming a real issue could we ALL take note of the following rules please...

1 - Please stay on topic at all times, if you need to take it off topic, please leave a short note at the base topic and move to the appropriate one for the continuing subject... Ie mechanical subjects in the mechanical forum, electrical issue in the electrical forum etc....
2 - As this community grows so to will this problem,if not attended to now, so please help us to help you to put the information you want with-in easy reach of you...

Thank you for your on this issue


T4/T5 Club UK and its domains are currently up for sale due to severe illness of its owner, if you beleive you have what it takes to run it get in touch TODAY (note the community is NOT at risk and will continue in any situation)


T4 - T5 Forum Pages » Administration » Website & Forum Issues » Off Topic Threads (Help us to help you pls)
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