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Date: Friday, 05/Mar/10, 2.18 PM | Message # 1
Group: Admin
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From: 27/Jan/09
Would ALL members please make use of the specific forums available for specific subjects at all times.....[saving me loads of housekeeping thanks biggrin ]

I.E. An event post goes into our Lifestyle section under Events forum an For Sale notice goes in the appropriate For Sale forum and a mechanical, bodywork or Electrical post goes into whichever forum is appropriate making finding details later far easier, it also allow our search function to operate correctly allowing your searches to source the items you need...

It is for all our sakes that we ask that you do this, as if we do not get into the habit now early on what will happen is that valuable information tends to get lost under irrelevant posts that have nothing to do with the start and finish of said post making any searching impossible....meaning we will all spend our valuable time answering the same basic posts over and over again.....not what i started or partake in this community to do.....

So please please please bear this in mind when posting, if you feel your reply would take the post of track please start another thread in a more suitable area to its subject...

And lastly please put some thought into where you start a post is it the best or most appropriate area? is there a specific area for posts of this type already? it takes only a few seconds more to do, and makes for a tidy well organised feature rich community, exactly what we are striving for..

P.s If you inanvertantly make the wrong choice when posting and can not then find your post again simply use the NEW MESSAGES tag on the top right of ALL forum pages which will bring up ALL newly created or answered threads/posts

Thank you for your participation


T4/T5 Club UK and its domains are currently up for sale due to severe illness of its owner, if you beleive you have what it takes to run it get in touch TODAY (note the community is NOT at risk and will continue in any situation)


T4 - T5 Forum Pages » Administration » Website & Forum Issues » Forum Threads ("Please Note")
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