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Stickers update
Date: Sunday, 15/Aug/10, 9.47 PM | Message # 1
Lieutenant colonel
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From: 02/May/10
Any updates re the stickers boys. I know Dougie has had a lot on his plate re doing this fantastic site but my chariot needs a sticker !!!!!! biggrin





Date: Monday, 16/Aug/10, 0.34 AM | Message # 2
Group: Moderators
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From: 06/Sep/09
well I will of course oblige by sorting out some prices but funds have been tight latly sos Ive been unable to get new Ink & Clear sheets.

Ihave the finalized sticker at hand just need to put everything together & pricde it all up.

I will get round to it but Im not rushing at the mo soz

if Dougie wishes to choose a supplier then thats fine by me but i beleive he want a single supplier that can supply Hats, Tshirts, Jackets, Stickers etc etc.


Rob. [Secretary]


T4 -------- X Pack -------- Blue Thunder AKA The Bat Mobile


Date: Monday, 16/Aug/10, 1.46 PM | Message # 3
Group: Admin
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From: 27/Jan/09
It would of course be easier to have one company supplying everything but so far its not been easy i need someone who can work out these damn merchandising sites, i.e set one up for us as i simply don't get it and cant sadly understand how they work but the likes of Speadshirt and others offer Free set up, free stores and all that and will supply 1x whatever the item is from a hat to a t-shirt, a sticker or whatever which certainly for the forseeable future has to be the way to go, as most WILL not supply 1 offs simple sense ...

Pablo - In the meantime put the simply white lettering on your bus like Rob has "simplez" and only £2.99 for 3 i think it was ..... or copy one of our logos i.e the T5 one print it out laminate it and put it in your window for now until we can arrange something our Shopping Mall HAS to take presedence right now, sadly we all only have so many hours in a day .....

If anyone wishes to investigate, set up or arrange this mechandising mallarkey please contact me ..... i will happily assist advise etc ....


T4/T5 Club UK and its domains are currently up for sale due to severe illness of its owner, if you beleive you have what it takes to run it get in touch TODAY (note the community is NOT at risk and will continue in any situation)


T4 - T5 Forum Pages » Administration » Opinions » Stickers update
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