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T4 - T5 Forum Pages » Information » Vw News » Volkswagen confims Microbus plans
Volkswagen confims Microbus plans
Date: Tuesday, 23/Nov/10, 1.49 PM | Message # 1
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From: 27/Jan/09
Volkswagen confims Microbus plans

VW Design chief Klaus Bischoff confirms German maker is working on plans to build new version of classic Camper

Originally Posted by Klaus Bischoff
"I would not be doing my job at Volkswagen properly if I was not thinking of bringing back the Camper"

A simpler looking version of 2001 Microbus concept. According to latest reports, car's functionality is still being debated.

Bischoff also revealed that plans to launch the Microbus concept, revealed at the 2001 Detroit Motor Show, were called off on cost - rather than a lack of public demand.

Originally Posted by Bischoff
"At the feasibility stage, it was decided not to do the project on cost."

Plans are now back on the drawing board, but key questions remain to be answered before a concept is shown publicly.

"The key question is 'what sort of car should we build?' It could be a traditional MPV, with a conventional interior, or we could be much bolder, designing a more flexible, versatile machine - perhaps one that is closer in spirit to the original model. It is not yet decided."

"However, this is very much a European project, and we are working with our design teams in California and across the rest of the world to help us build a car with global influences."

Details on the car's engineering remain scarce, but news that the model is still at an early stage means that it's unlikley any concept will be shown before 2012.

The VW microbus is legend in the world of motoring. It was used back in the 1960s and 70s as a people carrier and became an icon during the hippie revolution. While it might not gain that status in its new form, there is no doubt that it will retain some of those old characteristics.


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T4 - T5 Forum Pages » Information » Vw News » Volkswagen confims Microbus plans
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