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T4 - T5 Forum Pages » T4 - T5 Members Posts » Bodywork » Rs Bodykits Q & A (Product Review Questions)
Rs Bodykits Q & A
Date: Sunday, 22/Aug/10, 1.53 AM | Message # 1
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From: 06/Sep/09
This Particular post is for Q & A of product reviews

RS Body Kits

Ok so ive seen the recent product review of the rear bumper for the T4 from Rs Body Kits & as I am kinda hung on the Idea on body kits for the T4's I have some questions about it.

You see im not a big fan of these but get it right & you have one hell of a head turner, worst case is those pesky vans with wings & flares not sure what they call it but bits hanging off in all directions, they were even covered on TG showing some but ugly jap van that just looked monsterous.

ok Im not suggesting bumpers are but ugly just using the above as an example of get it right or get it wrong.

Id like to do something with mine but until I get that wow thats what I want knock its staying pretty much standard for looks apart from whats been done & the addition of a few minor cosmetics to take the look away from work van hence what has already been done.

The Product
The bumper looks nice & I wait for the trial fit for a verdict but got to admit something like that needs a nice exhaust to finish it off (twinns best) though the trial will determing how much lower it hangs (Dougie Comment pls)

I take it the finish is fibre glass which again does leave one slight product of which im sure Dougie will confirm or Correct me, the original bumper allows me to haul myself up onto the back of my van & even use it as a step or rest my load on it while loading/offloading so is the step area re-enforced allowing me to do just that or is it just plain fibr glass meaning I will loose this abaility.

Will my fogs fit perfectly or need fettling ?

I wait with anticipation of your answer's & trial fit Dougie.


Rob. [Secretary]


T4 -------- X Pack -------- Blue Thunder AKA The Bat Mobile

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Date: Sunday, 22/Aug/10, 7.51 PM | Message # 2
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From: 27/Jan/09
The entire bumper is fibreglass which when fitted correctly should be as strong if not more so than your current one as its only plastic over the brackettery etc that holds it on so no reall difference i wouldnt of thought but will know more soon when i trial fit it [just not fit enough just yet] there is plenty of space both sides for exhaust out and fogs would probably need a bit of fettling but in firbeglass its easy and NO fibreglass anything is totally fit straight on [which is why many fall off as they dont fit right to start with] it comes in the off white colour you see and if die smooth ready i suppose for primer and paint

More to follwo a.s.a.p cool

Ps im not into customs myself as most know but from what i can see it is a great well priced well produced product Rs also make kits for some top quality makes so haev to keep standards up.....


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T4 - T5 Forum Pages » T4 - T5 Members Posts » Bodywork » Rs Bodykits Q & A (Product Review Questions)
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