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windscreen rubber
Date: Thursday, 29/Nov/12, 11.39 PM | Message # 1
Lieutenant colonel
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From: 01/Jul/10
hi guys
i no the windscreen is bondered in is it possible to remove the rubber on the out side and fit another one or do you have to remove all the windscreen to do it ???????????


adrian wacko




Date: Friday, 30/Nov/12, 2.03 PM | Message # 2
Major general
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From: 05/Jul/10
yes you can take the rubber out of both front and rear screens but be carefull

start at one corner of the screen using a flat bladed screwdriver or simular (wrap a bit of cloth around the end if using flathead driver) slide it under the edge of the rubber and push away from the screen untill you can lift it over the corner then pull up and away as you go round. Some areas may be a little harder than others as some of the bonding will have stuck to the rubber when screen was installed just be patient as you go and you shouldnt have any issues.

if your not sure/confident about doing it yourself though take it to a garage. some people will tell you its not possible but it is



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T4 - T5 Forum Pages » T4 - T5 Members Posts » Bodywork » windscreen rubber
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