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T4 - T5 Forum Pages » T4 - T5 Members Posts » Bodywork » Golf VR6 Splitters (Fit T4 Transporters)
Golf VR6 Splitters
Date: Tuesday, 03/Mar/09, 8.10 PM | Message # 1
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From: 27/Jan/09
It is widely recognised that the stock splitter from a MK 3 Golf Gti or VR6 will fit directly onto the T4 Transporter [shortnose versions] with little or no grief involved and only minor alterations, likes of removing the original fitting lugs to fit to the long nose T4's

You could of course totally french in the entire splitter to the front of your T4, which would look the dogs danglies,
However especially on an already lowered version it would most probably get hit at some point leading to major headaches and body filler, to put right again, so is probably best left screwed on therefore easily removed or replaced should the worst happen.

The splitter is of course widely available from your local VW dealer or via E-Bay at a cost of only around £13.90 + £9.95 p+p from Going Fast , or possibly T4srus at i believe at around £12 not sure about P+P in this case though

The older versions pre around 2000 ish [i might be wrong here so check] require major adaptions and bodyfillering ect, but we are led to believe a stock VW Corrado splitter will fit the older T4's although at £100 is a major hit, some think worth it some don't.

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T4 - T5 Forum Pages » T4 - T5 Members Posts » Bodywork » Golf VR6 Splitters (Fit T4 Transporters)
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