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Trade Assistance Guidelines

General Assistance 

At T4 - T5 Club UK we openly welcome submissions from helpful companies, individuals or groups for any of our different sections, features or as a form of advertising.


In all cases send your information to us at t4club@live.co.uk for inclusion.
We accept 99.9% but can not guarantee when they will be included due to space restrictions, ALL WILL be used at some point.

Specialist information on products, services etc will be used solely in our Tech Sections archive, as will "How To's"

Advertising will be placed in either our "Product Spot" or in our "Business Spotlight" sections as soon as is humanely possible, [it is preferred that you offer some sort of community discount, which serves to stir up interest, as well as making the deal that bit sweeter, however small it all helps our community members and will ensure a quicker response from them].


Any questions, doubts or queries send them all direct to us at t4club@live.co.uk and we will try to answer them!



All trade submitted information is accepted on the basis that in return we will allow FREE advertising in your submission, I.E. where you supply us a "How To" that submitted feature will include full details of how to contact you via phone, email and web to ensure the best contact back to you possible, it can also carry your logo, or tagline if you wish, simply send it with the submission, you would also be entitled to have a 1 month slot in either our "Product Spot" or "Business Spotlight" section to highlight your product or service/s still further and of course a permanent link in our links directory, all in all a package that easily elsewhere could cost you well in excess of £500 or more as a gift for supplying information not bad is it ?


It should be noted that we also offer very few advertising spots otherwise with-in our community. a few areas are set aside to openly have sole page sponsorship or to be our yearly core sponsor at very reasonable cost should you wish more obvious advertising, we make no excuses for there only being very, very places to allow this as we are not an ad farm like some, generating massive revenues for their greedy owners, we are a NON profit community website and forum details HERE.

T-Tech Library Section
Help us to build the most comprehensive library of it's type currently available...
Our new T-Tech Library section is based around supplying information, resources and help files for all models of both T4 and T5 whilst also including as many, product facts, owners manuals and How -To's on a whole range of items commonly found in or on our T4's and T5's on day to day basis, some provided by the manufacturers themselves, some by our friends, trade buddies and members alike, all with the common good of our entire community in mind.
How often throughout your driving career have you thought that the missing owners manual could just possibly hold the key to your current issues with your vehicle we aim to address this by eventually being able to provide FREE downloadable both owners manuals and service schedules for all models in both the T4 and T5 ranges as manufactured by Volkswagen, but not only that we fully intend sourcing as many after market conversion brochures, owners manuals and such like as is humanely possible but we need you to help us with this one...
Q - Do you own a T4 Westy >>> to a T5 Danbury, we are seeking every model, from every conversion company worldwide however large or small, any of the growing number of conversions based upon the T4 and T5 previously and currently available, or do you own a Multi-Van, Caravelle, Sportline or other current or previous model from any of the numerous ranges, if so we want to hear from you!
Q - How can i help?
Simply by sending us either a copy of your current owners manual/service schedule via e-mail in any downloadable format or send, the original books via landmail, [PM Admin for address], which we faithfully promise to send back to you once scanned along with the mailing costs you incurred, this also applies to any brochure, manual or book on any model of both T4 and T5 Transporter, Volkswagen or conversion company accessories, or after market add ons..
Help us to help the entire community - every been without an owners, service or after market accessory manual if so you will know why this is so important to have everyone available to all our members as they can so often hold the key to your conundrums...
We Further Continually Seek
Ad-Board - T4 -T5 Shop Submissions - At T4 -T5 Club UK we welcome all for sale and wanted items to be advertised to our rapidly growing community, in the following categories, Note all adverts are FREE for both trade and private sales and wants, held till sold and available to ALL members or not..A totally FREE advert on a leading VW Transporter community that elsewhere could easily cost you in excess of £20 a time!!


1 - Vehicles for sale - Require vehicle age, mileage and full description, along with 2 internal and 2 external images, your postcode either/or mobile or landline phone numbers and/or email address

2 - Vehicles wanted - Require as much information on the model, age, mileage and condition of the vehicle you seek, not just "T4/T5 wanted"  

3 - Parts/accessories For sale - Require as much detail as possible, along with current images at least 2 showing the item as clearly as possible.

4 - Camping - Require as much detail and as many images as possible to depict the item fully.

5 - Others - Just as above with as much detail as possible.


All adverts require your postcode, area, town, a full description, at least 2 images of the item, your name, phone number landline or mobile but at least 1 of and an e-mail address as a bare minimum requirement any ads submitted without this information or in the wrong categories will be removed as will repeated ads...


Note any misrepresented adverts in our Ad-Board will be removed, as will any repeated or adverts in the wrong categories if your having difficulties send your ads to us HERE

Link Directory -Our link directory is steadily growing but requires your links to your company or private website with a either a T4 or T5 Transporter theme, or information on these vehicles it could also be on a camping, parts, services, or other acceptable theme, please add your link today and benefit from more qualified hits today as our community grows so does those hitting links with-in our directories.


Note ALL links must qualify which is simple supply a text link to our communities at www.t4club.co.uk and www.t5club.co.uk either or whichever is most suitable to your content a link should look something like this " www.t4club.co.uk- The UK's favourite VW T4 and T5 Transporter community - website and forum home Fun - Free - Friendly Join us today - Reap the many benefits tomorrow" "we manually check all links weekly for compliance "before adding a link please ensure you have a working link back to T4 -T5 Club UK..

Forum Sponsorship
A brand new venture for us at T4 -T5 Club UK, where by certain core companies are invited to sponsor one of our specific professional forum topics with a forum all of your own, which will daily receive posts to it for you to answer, on your specialist subject whatever that may be for this illustration lets assume you are a Mechanical professional.
It would work like this, our member posts a question to you the sponsoring professional, you come on at least once daily, to answer all posts in your specific forum, in one way only, absolutely clearly, factually and informatively everytime, allowing our forum to gain a reputation for providing the correct answer each and everytime, without fail given a short time of operating this will dispense with the inane daily asked questions such as "How do i lower my bus?", or "What paint code is my bus?" type questions that all similar forum groups suffer from repeatedly, leaving only previously unasked quality postings.
More importantly primarily due to recent actions at a similar community to our own where trade members were allowed and happily gave free of charge their
knowledge, it was allowed all to often, to end up in a free for all, slagging match of the trade members products, charachter or service as these threads were allowed to continue in some cases for 13 pages where the professional was getting systematically torn to bits by would be keyboard warriors spoiling for a fight uncaring of whose reputations they ruined in the process, we have personally spoken to many top, big names who WILL not get involved ever again in such helpful activeties due to the way they were treated on both that and other similar groups so called help forums, apparently this sort of treatment is not only found on that forum group but on many around the world.
At T4 -T5 Club UK, we value our trade members knowledge and professionalism to the max and would not allow this to happen by simply caping all postings to one question from a member, and one answer from our professional, thus it could never get to more than a straight answer, [if the member decides to post on the same subject they would be warned and their second post removed], thus protecting our valuabke resource ie you the professional, the way it should always be in any case, not only will this keep information findable, but it will cut down on the same questions being asked over and over again, keeping our servers working at peak performance providing quality information, easily found and not hidden information under thousands of useless posts as is often the case..
Sole advertising rights are allowable in our forums to those sponsoring one for us our sections currently that run to Mechanical - Electrical - Suspension/Steering - Wheels/Tyres - Interiors - Bodywork - Conversions - Ice/Alarms - Detailing - General All Trades if your line of service does not fall into one of those catagories and you would like to become involved in this way feel free to get in touch at t4club@live.co.uk [headed forum sponsorship] for more details  - Note all will be issued on a first come first served basis.
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