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T4 -T5 Club UK
Submissions Guide and help
T4 -T5 Club Needs U
Website Content..
"How To" Submissions - For our ever growing ever more informative "Tech Sections" whether it be "How To" complete an oil change or a complete engine swap, an I.C.E install or a complete interior build we would relish the chance to show your addition however large or small it may be they all help! we require all such information to be in a set format however so as to be of use to ALL, in a step by step manner I.E. Step 1 - you do a.b.c, image/s of step one , comments, and tips then Step 2 - you do, a.b.c image/s of step one , comments, and tips and so on until the process is completed by completing it in this manner means ALL level of users are able to make full use of ALL our guides.[you can of course compile these yourself if you would rather, aim at a full sized page of content minimum].


Product Information - We welcome all product information, on any item that could be used logically by most T4 or T5 owners, primarily in the following areas, Tools, Equipment, Accessories, Camping Gear, Parts and materials sections [with a few exceptions]. This is a great way to highlight new products to market but equally as useful a tool for existing well known brands. simply send us a reasonable description, with price details [preferably with some form of community discount] and as many images as possible, from which we will compile a full page feature on just your product/s a very valuable advertising tool absolutely FREE only at T4 -T5 Club UK, [you can of course compile this yourself if you would rather, aim at a full sized page of content minimum].


Build Bios - Build bios, logs and progress reports are always welcome no matter which model and no matter what there being built for whether pleasure or business we welcome all, [the wackier the better], simply supply all details from start to finish of your build. Using roughly the following outline... This feature is available to both private and trade builders...

1-  Background details about yourself and  your family, your age/s, country/town of origin, employment, family, previous VW's how you came to own a T4 or T5 ?? [As much or as little detail here as you wish, it is only to try and get an idea of the person behind the bus].

2- The vehicle supplying as much detail as possible about the vehicle when you purchased it, what model it is, what year, mileage, condition and what it was like generally when you started your build. [Backed by as many interior and exterior as purchased images as possible].

3 - The Build from day one what you have added, taken away, adapted, purchased and made to get your vehicle to where it currently is today, in as much detail as possible, parts used, why ? Any tips on doing any of the operations, anything you would of done differently [backed by as many interior and exterior as images as possible].

4 The Future - Include anything you intend to do, where you intend using your bus in the future any plans for a major trip etc.


If you need any inspiration, help or advice ask us HERE it would also be worth looking over our current "Readers Rides" and "Custom T4 or T5" Features or pick up your favourite car magazine where doubtless they will have similar features, which will give you both ideas, and guidance on what we require...


Images/ Videos - At T4 -T5 Club UK we always welcome your image or video submissions in the following categories:

1 - Your own vehicle [internal or external images]

2 - Friends vehicles [internal or external images]

3 - T4 or T5's you have seen at shows or in a car park somewhere [internal or external images]

4 - Other interesting images [anything that would interest a T4 or T5 owner really]

5 - Mad road signs

6 - Travel images

7 - Any video clips with either a T4 or T5 Transporter as its subject matter


Brochures And Manuals - We would encourage all owners in possession of any of the following publications, in any format to send them to us, so as to allow us to build up a library to help every owner short of a manual/guide to be able to download one FREE from our download area.

1 - Any and all point of sale manuals

2 - Posters or other advertising used to sell any model of T4 or T5 from the early 90's to today.

3 - ALL MODEL owners’ manuals and service books as supplied by VW.

4 - Any solely VW T4 or T5 accessory or parts books.

5 - Specific model brochures and manuals for one off and special models, Westfalia, Devon, Danbury etc manuals along with any other similar converters, of either commercial or pleasure vehicles.

6 - Commonly used Fridges, Zig Units, A/C or anything else fitted by VW or as after market accessories.


Travelogues - We further would welcome your "Travelogues" whether based in the UK or abroad, if your going away on an extended trip in your T4 or T5 be sure to document the entire trip, ensuring you keeping images of your trip then send the lot into us for inclusion in our "Travelogues" spot. [You can of course compile this yourself if you would rather; aim at a full sized page of content minimum].


Others - Our others category include the likes of:

1 - Wild-Camping information, Have you been to or do you know of any safe, secure, Wild-Camping spots throughout the UK and beyond, if so be sure to send us details, sat nav locations, along with descriptions, and images if possible.

2 - Commercial Campsite guides, do you own a commercial campsite that welcomes "selfbuilt" campervans and motor homes, if so be sure to send us all your details, costs etc, we will happily compile a totally FREE listing on your campsite for you, [you can of course compile this yourself if you would rather, aim at a full sized page of content minimum].

3 - Camp Cookbook, where we display recipes able to be cooked on a 2 ring cooker or barby, without much fuss, if you know of any be sure to send them in for this feature.
4 - Any other information you think could help, aid or assist us in any way shape or form, to better maintain or make use of our T4 or T5 Transporters, this could be quick fixes, long term solutions or snippets of information in whichever form you wish.
All submissions for whichever section you are submitting to should in the first instance be sent direct to us at vwt4@live.co.uk headed whichever section you are submitting to, all submissions acceptable in either PDF, Word [2007] or any other regognised formats, images should preferably be in jpeg format of a reasonable size in both pixels and kb, however you decide to send us your input would be great as long a syou send us it, YOU are what this community is all about it is built with you in mind so help us shape it to your requirements today!!!
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