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The Countryside Code

Help to keep our countryside beautiful and safe the way it was intended.

The countryside code was set up to protect both you, the user and the wildlife, plants and trees that call our countryside their home, to enable all to co-habitate happily, using the countryside for our pursuits whilst leaving the above life forms to carry on as usual without causing them any harm or undue stress, the points below should be observed and obeyed at all times, this will ensure that we can indeed live in harmony for many more year to come, continuing to enjoy the wonderful outdoors which by in large is free and sadly taken for granted, but if we as the users do not look after it well it might not be there for our enjoyment.

Be Safe

Always carry a working mobile phone
Be properly dressed-carry the proper equipment
Always plan ahead
Follow all signs
Leave gates as you found them
Where possible protect animals and plant life
Take your litter home
Consider other people using the areas
Keep dogs on a lead at all times
Do not light fires
Keep away from restricted areas

Do not remove anything from our countryside including rocks, plants etc only take home only the photographs you have taken as memories as all else is the home of some living species.



Wherever possible do not drive on any unmade up roads, keep off of grasslands and do not park up on riverbanks or obstruct farm gates and cattle grids, the amazing amount of harm your exhaust emmisions can do to the plant life takes seconds to be caused and years to reform, in essense pick a spot on hardstanding at all times, do not light fires with vehicle fuel of any type nor discard any fuel into our waterways or yielding crops, the entire ecological system depends on your co -operation.



Litter and discarded juice bottles, cans, food wrappings are not only an eyesore, but as they degenerate into a rotting heap they can cause and spread many diseases with in wildlife and farm animals, in consequence the simple rule applies "if you bring it, take it away" and deposit all rubbish in the nearest suitable receptackle, likewise if you find litter whilst out walking or cycling, please do likewise and keep our countryside safe for all. If you are caught short for the toilet, please do not do it on the tracks or open ground, rather find a secluded spot preferably around 75 metres from any running water or such like, and in the same vain as our fore fathers would of done, dig a small hole with your boot and cover it back over when you are finished.


On the whole fires are not permitted on our walking and cycling routes, however in a few well marked areas it is permitted, where you see clearly marked designated area only if you do feel the need, do not light your fire on top of plant life, do not destroy native bushes, trees, heathers or other living plant life for kindling fuel, ensuring when you leave the area, the fire is distinguished preferably by means of dousing it in plenty of water and all evidence of it being well covered over.


If an emergency occurs whilst you are on your chosen route, stay calm and take note of the following. Make sure you know exactly where you are/where the incident has occurred, use landmarks as reference points, or better still be able to supply exact map grid references to pin point the location. If you are unable to assist the injured party to the nearest road, collate from them as much information as is possible on the incident, how, where and what happened, suspected injuries, what is painful, what is bleeding etc, and immediately phone 999 the police are your best first point of assistance as they know the surrounding areas to you and are best able to liaise with the required services on your behalf. [Free from all uk land and mobile phones].

Always carry a fully charged mobile phone, and know where you get the best signal from in your choosen area.

Most of all remember Scottish weather is very unpredictable so do not go out unprepared we has been known to have all types of weather in one day from hail, snow, sun. All above points are adaptations from The Countryside Code leaflet as issued by your local government offices and available in most tourist board offices,or by downloading it direct to your computer from
 Further Information can be obtained from the web site

Scottish Outdoor Access Code

Care of the countryside

One of the pleasures of our countryside on many of the routes we cover is the diversity of people you will meet along the way, some of which depend on their lively hood from working the land that is kindly offered to enable the walks and cycle ways to exist as not all of these routes in their entirety are rights of way, we therefore ask that you at all times respect this and act accordingly and pleasantly to any such people along your routes remembering they have a job to do, be considerate at all times especially during peak times or during lambing harvesting and shooting seasons as the workers are extremely busy at these times.This will allow the continued use of such routes for many years to come.
T4 and T5 Club UK Update
If has come to our notice more and more recently that the fate of wild-campers on the continent, [in particular in many Aires in France and Spain, those being hotspots for this type of issue], the act of gassing and breaking into our campervans and motor homes whilst we sleep or are out, is rising steeply, as a result we would strongly suggest that all motorhomes, day-vans and campervans are fitted with a gas alarm available from any good camper shop for around £40 which could possibly save your life, it is a sad reality of modern day life that we to are coming under attack by morons that have nothing better to do, than to haunt and disrupt holiday makers, however you look at it, this is a growing issue that we must all be aware of if wild-camping, be vigilant, be safe, take sensible precations and you will be safe, do not let this fact ruin your enjoyment of our beutiuful countryside,we have been wild-camping for years, touch wood with no issues.
If you have ever experienced any such issues, please get in touch telling us where, when and what happened, so as we can start to build up a datbase of hotspots to be aware of, this aiding our entire community to stay safe.
 The above forms an adaptation of the official Government document The Countryside Code as adapted for T4 - T5 Club UK, by your editor, if we have ommited anything you feel we should of included please feel free to point this out to us, so as we my duly add it, by e-mailing us HERE