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If Money Was No Object What Would You Own?
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T4 - T5 History Continued
[Typical T4 conversion]

With a current model T4 if maintained correctly, serviced regularly, with all items replaced via VW service schedules it is entirely possible to carry on well past 400k, resulting in T4 owners holding on to their current models, and possibly embarking on total restorations somewhere down the line much like the older versions face today, although our restorations shouldn't be nearly so intense due to far better rust proofing measures and the likes keeping the more modern vehicle intact for far longer.

When writing this article [10/07/08] a reasonable mileage example T4 [under 100k] 2.5tdi base vehicle can relatively easily be sourced for around £5k and a fully converted version with the same region mileage can be just as easily be sourced for between £8-£10k, which will prove a very reliable camper for many years to come, and will undoubtedly grow to be part of your family not unlike these already owned by many up and down the country, admired for generations to come and generally not unlike the versions previously passed down from father to son or daughter to continue the VW camping traditions.

Some of the biggest commercial names in the motor home business have chosen the VW T4 to base their respective conversions upon which include.


[Autotrail, Autosleeper, and an unusual Eriba Motor home]

There are many, many more bespoke, and van converters throughout the Uk serving an ever growing market for VW T4 campers, with no significant decline in overall sales of all versions it looks as if the VW traditions of being the top name in camper conversions of all types is set to carry on from strength to strength for many years to come. 

Campervans fast becoming popular with young drivers!!

There is a major resurgence in younger people using and indeed owning campervans, with no longer it being the fancy of the older and retired generations, with the natural progression to the newer more lively T4 diesel models, having always been popular with surfers, in modern day life with everything fast becoming far more expensive, currently fuel is close to topping double what it was per litre a year ago, with the result that many of us are being forced to downsize, as campers were more usually a second vehicle it has resulted in many either selling up or selling their cars and using the camper as their only vehicle myself included, which is why we chose VW for it's sheer reliability and ease of use as a car, ours is lowered with stiffer suspension and honestly drives much like an Audi estate or similar making the transition to use as the family vehicle far easier.

With the pace of life nowadays more and more people are fast rediscovering campervans as a cheap way of holidaying and relaxing, some of which are reliving their childhoods spent in much the same manner only in a far older VW campervan such as the superb Splitties of the 50's and 60's or the equally as good Bays of the 70's and 80's, or possibly even the T25's of the 80's and early 90's.

The VW campervan has not really changed all that much since the very first models of some 60+ years ago, who would of thought it then when the very first ones were being designed that the overall VW campervan scene would of been such an iconic marquee to be a part of, the only real difference from the earliest models being the actual base vehicle, as it has evolved immensely from the original 6 volt models of yester years, in line with manufacturing in general with us now well and truly in the computer age, taking absolutely everything into that age along with us, which also means our vehicles have to keep pace with growing trends, significant differences then appear between models in terms of levels of equipment, and more importantly safety equipment as a general requirement for life in the fast lane which is after all everyday life in a modern VW campervan as against the slow lanes if you drive a 50's or 60's version, who I’m sure relish as much care and attention on those vehicles as we do, if not more in order to maintain them in excellent condition, where as we with the newer versions have the same if not more usability, less maintenance, more miles per gallon, and we can cruise in the outside lane all day long, if we so choose to do so, with our relatively fuel efficient diesel engine examples.


[Splitty, Bay and finally T4 interiors are all remarkably similar]

The layouts however have not in design really changed all that much as most converters still opt for the units down the drivers side and a 3/4 rock and roll bed taking up the other 3/4 of the space in the rear, and then a whole load of adaptations on that theme adding allsorts of goodies from flat screen tv's to dvd's, play stations, full fridges, porta potties are still often held under a buddy seat as in the older days, there is really not a lot that you are not able to have fitted to your vans now the must haves from modern day life, mobile phones, I pods games machines, laptop computers, amazing sound systems and a list as long as your arm of others

However the question quite often asked is, "Is this really a campervan”? in the real sense of the word, as in the original vans, that were fitted with the bare essentials to live in it, and I suppose reluctantly I would be forced to agree they are, whilst working to the adage they are what you make them, entangled under the same banner "One for all, and all for one", like it or not VW Transporter Campervan owners whether it be a severely pimped T4 or a bog standard Splitty, they are all one in the same, with their very own seperate charms.
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