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What is best A T4 - T5 - T5.5/6
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Ray 365  
 T4 Club UK member no 53
Ray owns many T4 Transporters, his daily driver and goofer for his company being the T4 you see here, decked out as a "Herbie" lookalike, we are sure another similar one will be hard to find, it is in actual fact a T4 of 1993-94 vinatge in swb variety at present a 1.9 deisel, but about to [if time ever allows] to become a 1.9td
This page is dedicated to our Mechanical Guru Ray from our T4 Club UK membership list, who has helped us immensely since the very beginning, answering many of the queries put to us via our forums, in a sensible, factual and helpful way.
Ray is well known in and about Darlington as the owner and operator of Northern Classics and Campers who specialise in VW repairs and restorations on all manner of Volkswagen vehicles, both old and new
They also do welding, resprays, M.O.T. work, accident repair and anything else you can think of in the automobile industry!! There's nothing we can't do and are always up for a challenge.

Northern and Classic Campers, have over 20 years experience, and have been on the go since 2000, we take pride and passion in what they do as you will see in the gallery of some of our work.

Having completed many restos in his 20 yrs doing this type of work, he is also well known further afield due to his appearances on most if not all VW forums throughout the western hemisphere a bit like myself, keeping up with current trends and goings on, helping him to be inovative and stay ahead of the crowd in all manner of ways..
For us T4 owners Ray supplies high roofs, "That Fit" made on site at his workshops in a bespoke manner to suit each individual vehicle, available in a wide variety of colours to directly match or compliment your vehicle, a wide variety of colours is available.
Pictures of a roof being trial fitted to ensure and absolute fit, then removed fettled and replaced over and over again until the roof looks as if it were always there unlike some that are clearly simply plopped on top.
Completed roof fitted pictures coming soon  
 See more of what Ray does HERE
Ray may be contacted direct either via Pming him here on our forums "Ray365"
Or by E-mail at northernclassics@hotmail.co.uk 
And of course via his own website at Northern Classics and Campers
Do you own or operate a business such as Ray's, if so we offer a great range of Free advertising oppurtunities throughout our website, community and forum home, if you would like to get your hands on one of these ever more valuable spots feel free top get in touch, HERE telling us why you should be advertising at T4 -T5 Club UK
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