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Ray 365  
 T4 Club UK member no 53
Also in Ray's current portfolio is a range of bespoke fibreglass manufactured, in house cooking units for all T4 models, either right or left hand that are designed to take up as little space as possible to the rear of the drivers or passengers front seat, in a totally self contained unit to maximize what space is available, in some case removable also for those who wish alfresco eating in a weekend camper and weekday workhorse, a great combination for any T4 owner [these units are able to fit a whole range of commercials with little or no adaption]. 
These units are available in a variety of colours to suit your current interior or exterior colour schemes, with an almost endless choice ensuring an excellent match to it's intended surroundings.
Ray may be contacted direct either via Pming him here on our forums "Ray365"
Or by E-mail at raymiles3@hotmail.co.uk
And of course via his own website at Northern Classics and Campers
Keep your eye's on Ray, many more exciting bespoke items to come, in the near future, find out first here at T4 - T5 Club UK
Do you own or operate a business such as Ray's, if so we offer a great range of Free advertising oppurtunities throughout our website, community and forum home, if you would like to get your hands on one of these ever more valuable spots feel free top get in touch, HERE telling us why you should be advertising at T4 -T5 Club UK
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