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Transponder Key Information Cont'd
1J0959753T original application 10/00 to 05/01 but will work from 08/97 - 1999.5 to 05/01 Golf, Jetta, Passat. Only 1 out of 3 oval button remotes have the transponder chip because only 1 out of 3 are the T version. Even with the chip, a used flip key head cannot be made to start the immoboliser cars unless the chip is new. The chip is a one time use device. Once matched to a car, it belongs to that car.

1J0959753AM original application 06/2001 to 2005 New Beetle, Golf, Jetta, Passat but will not work on 05/2001 and older cars. Note: AM and DC will work with Eurovan/Transporters 2001-2004 and will need to be recognized by engine computer.

In 2000 model year (around May 1999) the transition takes place with immobilizer 2, (immo II) the addition of a writable computer chip inside the key portion of the flip key. 2001 is a transition year. The remote changes to the squared buttons but the frequency of the button remote is the same as the older Volkswagens with the oval buttons. This remote will work on the older cars but not the newer cars. HLO 1J0 959 753 T It can be programmed to the engine computer but not to the keyless entry of 2002 (May 2001) and newer Volkswagens. It has the newer look with the chrome bar on the end.


Starting late in 2001(June) to 2005 the squared button remote has a more common part number HLO 1J0 959 753 AM (replaced by 1J0959753DC). This remote has a different frequency matched only to Golf IV Jetta IV Passat and New Beetle. It has the chrome bar and a computer chip. You can buy the Vagtacho software you will need a VW dealer or Automotive Locksmith to program the engine computer to recognize the key. After the key is cut, it will work in the locks, start the engine, but the engine will shut off as a theft prevention if the engine computer has not been programed to recognize it. This key will work in 2000 and older Volkswagens but the 3 button remote will not. It has a different frequency. Works with Eurovan/Transporter 2001-2004. Check your remote to match part number.

Staring in 2005.6 (June) the immobilizer III system started with all new frequencies. Newer VW remotes do not work on older Volkswagens. Suffix letter H P Q, yes they are identical in looks, but do not transmit the same signal. The transponder chip is different in the 2008 and 2009 models.

Flip Key 1998 to 2009: The portion of the key that is the key has a part number. This part number is never advertised because it is often missing or cannot be read. Your VW dealer sells you that part seperate from the button remote part. That is why a remote flip key UNIT is so expensive. The key portion is ?? and the remote button portion is ?? (new). many places on the internet sell these, at the normal retail price, not the inflated dealer price (their cost x 2) that some VW stealerships charge.

If you have a broken key, have it copied and installed back onto your keyless entry. No programming is needed.

If you have a good key but the remote is damaged or the flip mechanism is broken you can transfer the computer chip and program the replacement remote to the car. The key does not have a chip, the chip is in the black flip portion of the unit. No programming is needed. Seperate the halfs. Pry the emblem off. Under the emblem is a phillips screw, remove it.  The halfs will seperate. In the long slot there is a pill, looks like a long black grain of rice. That is the computer chip. This chip is sometimes glued in. Remove the chip from the new remote and install your old chip. Now the computer will recognnize the new flip key as the old flip key.

You could even attach the old computer chip under the steering column cover (near the switch) and as long as it is in range, any key will work! No more programming. You are faking out the system. Do not loose or damage the chip (looks like a glass pill) or it will cost you dearly though.

All conventional looking keys have a computer chip molded into that fat plastic fob head. All of these keys will work and can be programmed to the immo II systems 1998 to 2005.5. The immo III system 2006 to 2009 cars have different keys.

All flip keys are Main keys.. Valet key is a different blank, series NAA, it is cut the same but will not enter the glove box or boot lock. There is no such thing as a master key for VW. (that would be like the key housekeeping uses in a hotel and the rooms are different cars) Markings on the key, Huff, w3, etc mean nothing, they are not codes. These keys do not have codes marked on them, some of the lock bodys are lazer scribed with the 4 digit lock code. Remove the door handle from the outside of the car, code is on body of cylinder housing.
You can make main keys (haa)  from your Valet key (naa), same cut just different blank.


All inforamtion extensively researched around April/May 09, if we have gotten anything factually wrong please do let us know so we may rectify it HERE
If you operate a VW Transponder key cutting operation anywhere in the UK please do let us know so we may add you to our list of acceptable routes to a new key
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