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[Your Founder Dougie]
Dougie, now in his 46th year has a background in cars primarily and originally involved in the old shape MINI, for many years moving on as his family grew to bigger vehicles and VW's mainly with many Caddies, Golfs both Mk 1's, Mk 2's and an odd Mk 3 added to the supplying good teething for what was to come next, always having a secret desire to be different, he harboured an idea to combine a Caddy with a camper as at this point not being able to affords any form of VW Camper it would be the only way he could combine his passion with a VW at least for the foreseeable future, enter stage left his 3-in-1 caddy pickup truck which very easily was a camper, pick up or van see Caddyshack for full details of what ended up being an absolute money pit after being ripped off badly when purchasing, not to be outdone he continued onwards until eventually in 2008 receiving gift from his father, which meant he could finally afford to buy a VW Camper, which came in the form of a 2000 series W plated Swb T4 2.5 Tdi called "White Noise" after being featured twice in Volkswagen Camper and Bus magazine in May and June of 07, and this is where it all started really for him and his passion for VW T4's in particular.


He is a family man, living most of his life in and around Glasgow with brief stints in Blackpool and Golspie [Caithness] amongst many locations in and around his native Bearsden and Milngavie [N of Glasgow city], where his parents still reside today, finally moving to his current home in Loch Lomond in 2002, now in the centre of the Loch Lomond And Trossachs National Park, allowing plenty of scope for writing and web design as his two main hobbies anyway, suffering immense ill health making it impossible to hold down a full time job making this the ideal location whilst being the Founder, Webmaster and Editor of this website the ideal pass-time to keep the old grey matter functioning, whilst supplying a happy home for likeminded owners the ideal way to help others. Being unable to find the kind of online home he craved to spend his free time, after very bad experience at the hands of some vicious thugs and faceless bullies made his resourceful mind work overtime and come up with this very community in an attempt to combat all these things that keep many off-line and frightened to partake for fear of being shouted down for the odd spelling mistake, grammatical error or most likely of for all not pandering to owners/moderators egos.
[My Current T4]
Being a family man means he has the usual family things to do also but with a very understanding family a grown up son to house sit whilst we are away at shows or camping and a daughter, who is slowly learning to accept waving furiously at oncoming T4's and T5's as the norm, to wild-camp and not worry about her hair not being tonged or straightened, and a wonderful partner who without which none of this would be happening, who is a self confessed internet and VW widow, but continually backs my every move, meaning I am afforded the luxury of the time to do the job right, the way it should and mostly is in other circles of VW ownership FREE - RELAXED - FRIENDLY the way we started and intend to go on.


We shall of course looking into the future manage this task without any issues as no one is paid with the result there is no hierarchy, and no infighting any out sourcing of operations is done free of charge also by friends, colleagues and other VW loving fellow T4 or T5 owners for the better good of the entire community and not to raise any one company, above any other, individual or entities profile with-in the community we are all equals here and will remain so, certainly whilst I’m at the helm.


The only two things I ask of each and everyone of the members is that I am referred to as "The Chairman" not of the board but due to my inability to walk very far!!! and secondly that each member contributes and respects every other member as if one of their own, which will give us the required tools to forge forward to better things, "One for all, and all for one" ....


Do you fancy being a part of our unpaid team at T4 -T5 Club UK, do you have a particular skill maybe, a particular knowledge you would be willing to bring to the table to help and duly assist the community in, if so feel free to get in touch HERE and let us know all about yourself, your special skill, and why you think you would be able to add, that special something to our community..
We currently require the following postions filled:
     A righthand man - To take the strain from me in part, to essentially take over some of my duties, as Founder, Editor and Webmaster for our entire community, website and forum group, acting on my behalf, as an ambassador for our community if i am not available and taking over when reaquired fully...
      Graffic Designer - To help with general graphic design duties throughout our community, making us that small bit more special, designing our website presence so as to keep us ahead of the game, with as many bells and whistles as we can get, are fine by me!  
     Moderators -  To help me moderate our lively forum area/s and for certain other areas with-in our website, which simply means being on hand daily to check all postings in your particular section of the forum are, acceptable, and in the correct area, and if not taking the appropriate action to sort out the problem immediately 
    A women? to head up our "Women's Eye" section, an all round VW T4 - T5 owner, to give a monthly womens perspective to both ownership and use of our T4 or T5 Transporters, from either a female owner or a male owners partner, to allow our female members to have someone to rlate to, maybe share a few recipes, ideas, solutions etc as you go, and in essesnce creating a page every month to add to our features list, a page ammounts to about an couple of fullscap pages in total, could you manage to provide this every month?
     Trade Specialists -   To take charge of specialist forum sections operated said Trade specialist where-by, member asks question, Trade member answers, concisely, corectly and factually end off! next question, which serves to protect said trade specialists from ridicule and providesa basis, to build up a library of answered questions thus saving the repetitive repeat inane questions most forums suffer from..
   Trade partners - To provide specialist knowledge in their fields whatever they may be, providing "How To's", Product information, or other similar information to add to our growing T-Tech library feature or to enable more features to be produced..
All of the above positions require only a few hours a month of your time, and would make such a difference to the over all community at large, if you can assist on a month on month, or indeed one off basis, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we are going upwards and we need good, honest people to take with us, now is your chance to join the best, friendliest and most sociable T4 and T5 Transporter community available together we can do it...
All trade bodies assisting with either our Trade Specialists or Trade Partners positions would attract special advertising packages absolutely FREE of charge which if purchased elsewhere, on a similar website to that of ours, would cost in excess of £50 monthly easily, offered TOTALLY FREE only on T4 -T5 Club UK...
Help us to help you, in return to help us in a nice big circle where everyone is a winner basically, there is another way, THE T4 -T5 Club way