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What is the best colour for a T4
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[As ammended 09/09]

Forum Rules.

Present rules are valid for the whole conference. Separate sections and forums of the

conference may have their own rules which specify the rules of conduct in them.

However, present rules are obligatory in any case.

The rules are introduced to create comfortable and constructive atmosphere of

communication. If the established form of communication doesn't suit you, then abstain

from participation in this conference.

I. Registration of users.

1. By registration in the forum you accept the current issue of the Registration Rules.

2. As a members community, the community naturally relies upon its registered members to contribute, participate, and to join in with our forums, polls, and other

member areas, on at least a twice monthly basis, if you are not able to do so, this

is not the community for you.

3. To register in the forum a user must provide an active e-mail address. We guarantee privacy of the provided information.

4. Choice of a username (a nickname) is your exclusive right. The administration reserves the right to take measures for stopping a nickname usage, if its usage

violates generally accepted moral and ethic standards and it is insulting for other forum users. Registration of nicknames, resembling the existing ones so that they

can mislead other forum users, is prohibited.

5. Repeated registration of one user, regardless of his/her aims, is prohibited. This violation is considered to be extremely serious and leads to the blocking of all

accounts, and termination of membership.

6. If you do not display activity in the forum for 4 months, your account WILL be removed. Repeated blatant advertising for your or anyone else’s company, product or service will result in automatic banning.

7. If we are forced to ban any active member, then all records of that member will be removed immediately, as will all posts, threads and other participation. Also the offending members IP address as stored at registration, will be barred and their supplier notified of their conduct,  for any further appropriate action to be taken.

II. Rules of conduct in the forum.

1. Communication in the forum is based on the principles of generally accepted morality and netiquette.

2. Usage of swear and abusive words is strictly prohibited, no matter in what form and to whom they are addressed. It concerns substitution of letters by characters as well.

3. Any advertising, including Internet projects (except for the cases of preliminary approval with the administration), is strongly prohibited.

4. Your signature in the forum cannot be longer than two lines. It must meet the same requirements as forum posts.

III. Message posting.

1. Thread subject must be informative and reflect the core of the problem to the maximum.

2. Before you create a new thread, make sure that you create it in the forum of the proper subject area and that this question hasn’t been discussed before.
3. Creation of identical threads in different sections and posting of similar messages in different threads is prohibited.

4. Try not to make grammatical mistakes in your posts, it will give a negative impression about you.

IV. Relationship between users and the administration.

1. The administration follows common sense and internal rules of forum management in their actions.

2. Discussion of administration’s (forum administrators’ and moderators’) actions is strongly prohibited in any forums and threads, except for the special forum,

intended for the discussion of all aspects of the whole forum work. The administration reserves the right to change the rules with the further notification of forum users. All forum changes and updates are carried out with the consideration of users’ opinions and interests.


What we do not want are members using our valuable FREE allowance of Mbs per month, in registrations that will never be used

e.g. assume that we had 100 members who do not participate yet are in not participating, then "your” space could be used by a member who wants to make use of our community to its fullest. Consider how you would feel if we couldn't allow you to join because this member/s had already taken your place but doesn't use it! Decisions would have to be made as to keeping us totally FREE, or having a have a Membership fee. We only have a certain amount of FREE space after which we have to pay for it, would you be happy to pay for members that contribute nothing other than use up valuable space?  This it is the reality of operating such a community that is totally FREE. Hence by deleting members who do not currently participate, it allows us to use their registration space for members who do want to take part. Membership will be upgraded, dependant on members usage,

Refer to the "Registration Rules”.

Disclaimer ---------- "The T4 -T5 Club UK Community, Website and Forums are a meeting place for like minded individuals that enjoy the sharing of ideas and experiences, in a calm, friendly and sociable way, we have no egho building, or heirarchy with-in and will not allow one to form.
The T4 -T5 Club UK Forum is not legally responsible for thoughts shared here. It is a web site that facilitates communications between individuals only.
We are all individuals here on the forum, trying to do our best to share and help people get information that is based on experience and opinions only.
Let it be understood by all that read and use the information collected here, that persons quoted are giving THEIR opinion & only THEIR opinion.
As well, the thread/s of information in no way reflects this forum's legal opinion or advice. Vendors, companies or products recommended by someone on this forum is based on THEIR opinion and only THEIR opinion. It in no way reflects this forum's legal opinion or advice.
Features with-in T4 -T5 Club UK are belived factually corect at origin, however if you beleive for whatever reason we have gotten it wrong in some way don't be shy feel free to inform us of your concerns HERE
Thank you for your understanding of this simple disclaimer and enjoy the T4 T5 Club UK's forum."
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