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About Our Online Community

"The UK's Premier "FREE" VW T4 -T5 Transporter Community"


The T4 -T5 Club UK online community was formed in January 2009 [formerly known as T4 Camper] to bring together all VW T4 - T5 mk's built between 1990 & 2003 & >>> Unlike the bulk of the established one clubs, who have to cater for a wide variety of different vehicles and therefore owner's interests, T4 - T5 Club UK, concentrates exclusively on Volkswagen T4 - T5 Transporters. Allowing all owners access to an arena in which to shine, alongside many professional companies, our members are freely able to discuss build issues, maintenance and servicing queries, alongside seasoned professionals, and a whole lot more in a calm civilised manner, without feeling out of place, out their league, or uncomfortable in doing so, sharing views, ideas and aspirations to help, aid and assist VW T4 - T5 Transporter owners from all walks of life, from up and down the country, and indeed now from around the world.


The original “T4” hailing from 1991 was the to mark the beginning of a long and successful run of vehicles, supplying a base vehicle able to serve many purposes, from a full camper-van, or motor home, or in many cases from a builders/work van by week, whilst at the weekends it quickly changed into a day van to go surfing, walking, mountain biking and a load of other extreme outdoor sports with, both enjoyable yet inexpensive.
A trend which continues much the same today with the introduction of the newer, more sophisticated T5 models from 2003 >>. T4 - T5 Club UK is all about
encouraging our readership to enjoy their vans to the full whilst keeping costs low. Be it restoration, mechanical repairs, competitive or social events, T4 - T5 Club UK can and will be of assistance, we have a lively forum section daily discussing many relevant and not so relevant issues. We can even help you to build your dream T4 or T5, or possibly to sell your T4 - T5 for you in our "FREE" vehicles “For Sale" sections, or possibly aid to empty your loft, garage or outhouses of all the unrequired parts, panels and accessories from your recent T4 or T5 builds.
We are an online community with an ever-evolving web site, detailing events throughout the UK, of motoring and social interest to likeminded VW T4 and T5 owners and enthusiasts, with of course plenty of helpful advice and discussion for those engaged in repair or restoration work. Our monthly newsletter will help to keep you informed of club activities, technical features and member's advertisements, amongst other both important and relevant issues and news, of interest to all T4 -T5 Transporter drivers, enthusiasts and owners alike, delivered FREE to your e-mail every month, make sure you get yours, by telling us in our forums today put your name down for yours, ensuring you are on our list..


At T4 - T5 Club UK, we are well aware we are playing catch up to some already well established web sites in this field, yet we truly believe strongly that we supply a totally different atmosphere than any other, we designed this community to be neither a website, nor indeed a forum and most certainly not a community, but rather we like to think of it as an rather well thought out mix of the best bits of all three, with a community, website primarily and a forum secondary in our online presence, the intention is not to make this the "biggest" group, club, community or society online, but rather to work hard to promote it as a friendly, non hostile, relaxed and pleasant domain on which to congregate, with no one single administrator, moderator or indeed member, any better than anyone else, [as has been the downfall of several others, with devastating consequences] with everyone encouraged to have their say, experience has taught and shown us that the way forward with such web sites is not to make all the decisions for your members, but rather to involve our complete membership allowing them to help with core decision making, to allow their content, their thoughts and their aspirations to be made clear, whilst offering both practical and material assistance as and when required, which is exactly our aim to make this community into a "home from home", where everyone helps each other, not where everyone demines each other, tries to be one better than each other, or is full of what we like to refer to as "Keyboard Warriors" only online to wind people up and cause trouble wherever they go, who are generally are well known and allowed to carry on doing so, this kind of behaviour will not ever be tollerated at T4 -T5 Club UK, ensuring everyone is safe, happy and relaxed whilst online with us, just because we choose not to charge does not mean we supply a lesser service to our members, in real terms it actually means we supply a far better one in a lot of ways, as many of our current members will testify to having come out of other so called communities, for this very reason..
To become a registered member is really simple, all you need do is, log in and sign up, agree to our simple membership requirements, you will then have just joined the most helpful, Friendly, relaxed and sociable, Non Biast, Free resource for VW T4 and T5 owners on the internet today, make no mistake there are others out there and far larger than our offering, but in many cases, they have lost the personal feeling of camaraderie, that is synonymous with The T4 and T5, and VW Van ownership in general spreading back 60+ years to when the first VW Transporters were built, to when VW first started producing campers, and to the start of some wonderful lasting friendships, we hope to be here in many years to come saying the exact self same thing.



We trust you will enjoy your stay with the friendliest, most helpful, equal and likeminded online community based resource for VW T4 and T5 Transporter owners currently available, if you have any questions please feel free to e-mail them to us HERE


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Fun - Free - Friendly T4 -T5 Club UK

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