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What is the best colour for a T4
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T4 -T5 Club UK, seek one core sponsor per calendar year, plus several lesser sponsor partners via our Trade and business friendships, in a help for help kind of way, without the need for formal contracts and the likes, we have very few conditions, making sponsorship at T4 -T5 Club UK, the easiest and most fruitful you are ever likely to encounter..........


As a community we tend to assist each other as often as we can and this is what we expect from a sponsor partner, whether this be in the form of our core site sponsor or indeed just as equally with our page sponsors or forum section sponsors we are undoubtedly the friendliest most equal and happy community of both T4 and T5 owners worldwide you are every likely to be able to source, which will definitely work better to promote your goods or services.....


In the current and foreseeable economic climate, where better to place your limited sponsorship resources than here at the heart of UK T4 - T5 Volkswagen Transporter ownership, where your company or services will undoubtedly get far more bang for your buck, interested, then read on....


What are we able to offer you, in return for your sponsorship?


We as a community are able to offer any of our sponsors


1- A rapidly growing Equal, Fun, Friendly and sociable, advertising medium to become involved with, where we are happy to listen to your requirements, willingly and able to super seed those requirements, to offer the best services to you our sponsors, offering a far cheaper alternative to elsewhere, with the same if not better, flow rates, and member usage rates, for your product/service or interest, with subtle unobtrusive advertising mediums better suited to better returns, in this type of market.. 


2- Several Core advertising opportunities with-in your chosen section/s of our community, usually in the form of full flash or banner advertising [on both top, middle and bottom of your chosen page/s], the choices are endless, you simply supply us with your chosen logo/s, flash advertising, or other advertising medium/s which are added same day, what could be simpler?, most all types are acceptable, full details e-mail and phone numbers are used where it will not interfere with other content on a page.


3- A fully tailored personal service, attending to  your needs/requirements, which you will undoubtedly find second to none, certainly which will not be offered anywhere else, which represents absolute value for money throughout, start to finish, however you wish to make use of us, whether it be for a one off advertising campaign for a special event, sale, or clearout, or continued year on year product awareness, all such forms of advertising will be both welcomed and fully accommodated here at T4 -T5 Club UK.


4- Compared with similar communities, clubs and groups, we definitely offer for not a lot of outlay, far more than you would expect or are currently getting from your current supplier, you could very easily be one of our core sponsors for 2010 and beyond, which would only require as much or as little further involvement as you require, although historically those who are regularly involved have proven to fare better than those who are not.


5- Services tailored to your needs, requirements and budgets, where we will do absolutely everything we can to accommodate you, no matter what it takes, every sponsor is equally as important to our community, all are treated the same whether large or small we cater for all...


Advertising Areas


T4 - T5 Club UK operate throughout its now several communities just as many advertising opportunities, with-in these areas


1- Core front page advertising

2- Sponsor a page

3- Forum section sponsorship

4- Sponsor a feature


Our differing levels of advertising offer advertising with-in our rapidly growing communities, all ripe for the picking, to see only your advertising, only core sponsor products/services relevant to our audience will ever be allowed to grace our pages, with only companies who have illustrated a genuine resource back to our community will be considered, as we are NON Profit making, this is not a money making exercise [like it is in most other similar communities] it is solely a help for help situation, we are by offering advertising on our community not seeking an advertising executives wallet, the reason for our offering advertising couldn't be further from this, the reason we offer advertising is really quite simple! it is to attract core companies to work with us, support us, to utilise parts of our forums, and other areas of our site/s, so as to be able to firsthand supply the best, most accurate information always direct from source, dispelling "forum-speak" often surrounding similar forums and websites, whereby if it is said on a forum it must be true, we want to dispel these myths forever, and replace them with cold hard indisputable facts, thus supplying the owner with the right information first time every time, but we need your help to do so! 




Good then get in touch with us today, simply e-mail us HERE supplying details of your involvement in the world of T4 -T5 Transporters, what you believe you could bring to the table to further our current offering, and what you would be willing to do, in terms of helping in the future,

1 - Could you man a trade specific forum?

2 - Could you supply How To's?

3 - Could you write tech pages for us?

4- Could you supply step by step camper conversion images to aid our current desire to run a month on month build guide?


These are all things we could do with receiving urgent help with, your company and indeed yourself would be more appealing to us if you could assist with any of the aforementioned items, all sponsorship deals are separately assessed and worked out on a help for help basis, these sites contrary to popular belief take very little hard cash to operate, it is more practical help and assistance we seek than hard cash, if this sounds like the very thing for you to get your teeth into to help a growing community of the next big Volkswagen commercial then get in touch with us today, as tomorrow could be too late, as your competition might just of beaten you to it
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