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Welcome to VW Auto-Sleeper Community Portal
"Slowly building the community VW-AS owners need"

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"THE" new social community network portal for ALL likeminded Volkswagen Auto-Sleeper Owners & Enthusiasts throughout the UK encompassing all models and all years, providing a second to none community for all model owners, thats backed by the wealth of knowledge that is T4 -T5 Club UK
"T4 Surf"
We are first and foremost a rapidly growing online community for likeminded Volkswagen Auto-Sleeper owners and enthusiasts, [we equally welcome non owners and those with a genuine interest] born out of a need to supply the community those owners deserve, which so far has been to say the least wanting? we are passionate about our vehicles, the "scene” and in associated meets and camping oppurtunities  along with the going to events/shows as a group, but just as equally in the responsible promoting of their useage [there is no how fast or how low can it go, camp drinking competitions or unruly behavior here] all we provide is clearly aimed at good clean family fun, aimed at the whole family, it is fact that more and more younger families are starting to see the quality & reliability of the VW + Auto-Sleepers mix and are fast becoming owners, this community is for each and everyone of these owners alike.
"T4 Gatcombe"
Secondly we enjoy the banter of on/off line discussion based groups that enable us to share our opinions, freely, openly and without contradiction, bullying or aggression thus sharing advice and offering of our personal assistance is the norm [where possible] as all members are equals we can freely share tips, modifications or other similar related information pertaining to our respective model/s serving as an invaluable aid to help maintain, restore and enjoy to the fullest all Auto-Sleepers as was originally intended by the manufacturers, we are a very mixed community in terms of background, ages, interests and model choice, but what we all have in common introspectively is two words "Volkswagen - Auto - Sleepers” that brings us together collectively as a community, which it is intended to capatalise upon to build the community we both need and deserve.

"2009 Topaz"

We have levied no charge/s for using this community! and placed only a few common sense rules & regs upon our members for their safety & security really, asking that you remain polite, exercise a good level of "netiquette" with other members, and a commitment to participate as often as possible keeping us lively and current, we openly operate an equal community here with no member [from Admins down] being any better than any other member, a route we have honed over years of operating in this sector that works well for us elsewhere, effectively doing away with the clichés, and groups with-in groups and other negative associated issues raised elsewhere in recent times, in the main caused by money, greed and power operating as we do we have effectively quashed all such issues in one go and it works!! Why not come on in and see for yourself, we have the backing to succeed, all we need now is the membership.
If you believe you can benefit our community please feel free to APPLY TODAY......
"Buy 0r Sell your VW Auto-Sleeper"
We are NOT affiliated to any similarly named nor subjected groups worldwide, nor to Auto-Sleepers Ltd - Volkswagen AG [either in the UK or overseas] our aim is simply to promote the responsible use of Volkswagen Auto-Sleeper motorhomes, campers and other associated products, whilst supplying a non profit FREE family orientated community group for similarly interested individuals, owners and likewise enthusiasts. operated as part of the now highly successful T4 -T5 Club UK  partnership, that now supply several successful VW Transporter related resources throughout the UK and beyond....  
If you haven't already registered, please take a moment to apply to do so now ! If you are experience problems in accessing our community, joining up, posting, or for any other enquiry matter in the first instance put it to us directly at asclub@live.co.uk for a personal answer, and solution..
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Fun - Free - Friendly
"The Way It Should Always Be"


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