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What is the best model of T4
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Why Join ?
How many reasons do you need ?
Ok here goes then.......
T4 - T5 Club UK is fast becoming the force to be reckoned with in terms of content and management, without a shadow of a doubt, why? simply due to our community allowing ALL content to be available absolutely FREE, our closest competition Still charges a membership fee to enable access to all tech sections, advertising and such like where as we don't as we like to think, our members are smart enough to realise it is their posts that make the community, stock it full of useful information, and would therefore wonder why it is that they then had or indeed were forced to pay to access that very same info crazy i know but it is happening right now on a very very similar community to this right now...
So let's play a wee game shall we i like to call
"Compare The T4 Forum" --  "SIMPLES" 
It's very easy to play all you have to do is be honest with yourself, when answering the questions, belowa nd you will soon see why we are the best!!!!
1 - Is your current T4 -T5 Transporter community Fun Free Friendly?
2 - Do they let you advertise whether privately or Trade FOR FREE?
3 - Does your current community CHARGE to access info you supplied?
4 - Does your currenet community bully you into looking stupid?
5 - Does your current community offer FREE any of the following?
1- Full access to ALL forums
2- A Fun Free and Friendly atmosphere always
3 - A dedicated T-Tech library to research and download FREE all facts figures and details on all Transporter T4-T5 models
4 - Totally 100% FREE ALL sections for advertising now in a purpose built Shopping mall, for trade or members alike
5 - 120+ pages of website features, specials, live build logs, and other useful information
6 - And more importantly than all of the above, a community where you are of course welcomed day or night, by friendly forum inhabitants
And as if that wasn't enough we are consistantly, changing designs, bettering our content, and adding to our overall position, of undoubtedly supply the best Totally FREE T4 and T5 Transporter community available today.
If you scored over 4 yes's you really should be JOINING US NOW 
And if you have not, all we can say to you now is thank you for at least considering our community, when you get fed up or you realise this is in actual fact the community for you and your Transporter simply come back and fill in the registration form where upon as with all our new members you will be greeted with a fun, FREE and friendly atmosphere unlike any other, that we are very proud of maintaining alongside our easy to use and find facts, information, build ideas, guides, galleries and so many more, all organised in our T-Tech library feature [where as doubtless your current community has the fact you are looking for buried deep under a load of other forum comments, as that is all a forum only community can do] our T-Tech Library allows you to search only it's seperate content which is seperated into core sections of interest, with all content to be able to be downloaded FREE OF CHARGE, to print or use appropriately at a later date, however you choose, most of which has been supplied by owners and drivers just like yourselves, with the aim of helping others....FREELY.....The way it should always be......
Where forums have only one section i.e the forum, we have 3 completely seperate and unique sections, our community forum, our advertising domain, and last but far from least our website with over 120 + pages, [which regularily is added to all] all set up to be as easy and intuative to use as is humanely possible....
We have advertising, but have kept this mainly to our dedicated advertising area namely our Shopping Mall with only our core sponsors and a few special adds dotted around so as not to distract from the purpose of this community, we are NOT and NEVER WILL BE a money making excerise, we are here, by the grace of god to supply factual content shared amongst owners, drivers and enthusiasts of T4 and T5 Transporters, this site is owned and operated by Enthusiasts for Enthsuiasts  
So what are you waiting for if you have not been convinced and join us by now, you can do so RIGHT HERE  
T4 - T5 Club UK
" NO 1 for content"