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December News
Transporter Talk December 09
Firstly The Team @ T4 -T5 Club UK would like to wish everyone of our members, supporters and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes, and would ask that one and all raise a glass and toast T4 -T5 Club UK, wishing it further success in the year 2010.
Last minute Shopping Ideas
We have our community/club T's now available in our Shopping Mall feature at a very reasonable £10.99 until Jan 2010 so be sure to get yours now before the price rise...
General News
Obviously everyones minds and concentration are currently on Christmas, quite naturally, but lets not forget about the community we have all supported, all year, when you want some down time, why not post a few topics in our forums, [helps to keep me occupied if nothing else], we always relish your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions to make our community a better place to hang out, so don't be shy tell us your thoughts today HERE
As has now becoem the norm, our forum count steadily rises and then falls just as sharply, why? i really do not know, what i do know is this community, website and forum can only ever be what YOU allow it to be, it can only ever be as busy as YOU make it, and equally as informative as YOU allow us to be, it is only be YOUR content, YOUR participation, YOUR drive, YOUR determination that it will either succeeed or fail, it really is as simple as that, without YOUR overall participation we will never ammount to anything, no matter how hard the team tries, it is YOUR community make full use of it TODAY...
Overall Yearly Count  
Our overall figures for teh year from 21st Feb to 31st Dec are as follows--
Membership Total - 1293
Hit rate daily - Average 234 unique hits daily
Total hits period 21/2/09- 31/12/09 162.593
Which all in all is not to bad for a site that is still under 1 yr old, all we need now is more daily forum posts and submissions in general added to more member participation and we should hopefully make it through the next year growing as we do so, heres to another successful year....
The taem at T4 -T5 Club UK
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