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Feburary 10 Transporter Talk
Transporter Talk
Feburary 2010

Hello fellow Transporter fans.
Yet another month seems to of flown by, [doesn't time fly when your enjoying yourself] i have to confess however not without it's ups and downs, however we are speadily getting through the last few remaining niggles and will soon be able to put all of our time into, bettering your community experience, with-in this month..Our ofline help and assistance has been extended Free Gratis by our friend and web guru so as to allow a full streamline to take place, which now well under way should be starting to show benefits to all, in terms, of connectivity, speed of posts being accepted and such like, meanwhile with more areas having been resolved from the web content to our forum content meaning that only registered users reap the benefits...

As is usually reported our forum content is up and down some days we have a good few threads ongoing whereas some days we have none, although it is showing overall this month around a 10% ris eover previous ones, with more and new posters starting to come forward with every passing day, and possibly more pleasingly a better array of topics are being slowly but surely added which in the long run will benefit ALL users equally surely enabling information to be quickly and easily found when required..

The sharper users amongst us will notice this past month has heralded the opening of a few new sections to our forums, and a few added extras to ones previously there for our members usuage.

T4 -T5 Sales & Wants area has come into our forum content now, with specific areas for T4's & T5's sales, wants and of course parts a camping gear sales and wants, allowing our members to add their chosen advertising absolutely FREE OF CHARGE in ALL sections, on top of which UNLIKE most ALL sections are open to anyone member or not to view, meaning the ads are picked up in the all the major search engines, bring a whole new line of buyers to the table, with any luck to buy your items, which in turn further promotes our community...All sales, wants and such like areas are open to use by both Trade and Public users, all we ask is if you are a Trade member please make it clear with-in your ad/s so as to stay in line with our terms of use..

"Freecycling" i.e giving away items you no longer require to fellow T4 - T5 Club UK users whether Transporter or camping related or not we feel it is important as a responsible community to follow the lead of sereral around our country in the great works they do to save still useful items ending in landfill, thus helping in your small way to ease the burden on our country whilst doing your bit in being green, any item can be advertised here with any use as long as it is LEGAL, and importantly is given away FREE to another user of T4 -T5 Club UK [postage&packing etc is a matter between the two concerned parties, and should be dealt with either by e-mail or Pm not through our boards]....Again open to Trade or Public users to make full use of please simply make it clear if you are a Trade user is all we ask, to stay with-in our terms of use...

T4 - T5 Build threads another area to be brought in from elsewhere on our website into our forum areas to promote it's usage is our T4 -T5 Build threads where ANY member whether private or from a trade background, this is a great way to share ideas, show the rest of the community what your up to, and also show off your talents, apart from which as of March our Readers Rides features will be coming directly from the assembled Build Guides with-in our forum, so if you from now on wish your Ride to "Gain the Fame" get starting your guide now, it can contain anything realtive to your T4 or T5 build, but please keep it on topic, it is an area to show of your builds, there is a Q&A section below to ask questions of the posters, which we would urge you to use, or make us eof the specific forums most suitable to your topic of conversation, this way we are able to keep the members build stories a constant flowing account without interuption.....We look forward to seeing some if not all of teh superb examples our members currently own showcased with-in....

How - To's by the very nature of the title this is an area for our members and trade friends to place detailed How To's on a whole range of subjects concerned with the rebuilding, conversion, and maintainance/upgrading of ALL models of T4 -T5 Transporter, from day to day maintenance to custom camper builds piece by piece it is fully intended to explore each and every topic, to enter what will almost certainly become a gold mine of informattion all any member has to do is suitably title a new thread then in their own words and pictures tell us how they, dis whatever the task happens to be, i.e 1- you do A-B-C followed by an image of the part/s, area you are talking about followed by 2 - you do A-B-C and so on and so forth, it would also be helpful at the start of your How To to list ALL tools required, ALL parts required [where to source these parts, details part nos and costs if possible] and what skill level is required to complete the detailed task, lastly a timescale helps us to plan ahead...Areas like this serve to aid ALL members by sharing information, skills and expertise empowering ALL to have a go if a previously daunting item is described in an easy to understand way it tends to help emmensely. both our communities rep and the end user from apying garages a fortune to complete tasks we could easily take on ourselves, but our trade members need fear not by them showing exactly what is involved in doing A-B-C helps to make the average customer understand far better why they are being charged what they are, thus effectively gaining you customers...all in all a great resource for all concerned i think you would agree, and one i hope will be made full use of in the coming weeks/months.
Again we would ask that it be left at only the thread starters information, so as to make all How To's a step by step guide without interuptions, if you have questions regarding the thread please make use of teh attached Q&A forum or start a thread in the specificly entitled areas...

Lifestyle Forums we have further added for our members usage a Lifestyle forum which contains many forums from travel related to day to day life, in an attempt to coax out of our users, more of their personality, more of what else they enjoy, away or indeed including their Transporter, many of these areas lend themselves to daily topical conversations about matters than duly concern us all, in one way or another, further expanding on our "Social" community feel, most users should now be able to mind something of intrest to there particular mindset, both concerning and not concerning their Transporters..

We are almost 1 yr old
We are working hard to build on our previous sucesses, to enable us to attract more core members to help us grow, as we swiftly now approach our 1st birthday on the 21st of this month, it is hoped we have now gotten to a happy meduim which suits the majority, from which we can now move on to bigger and better things..to benefit all, in our original way of everyone being equal, many things are in the pipline, to be revealed shortly..

Voting our Admins - voting stops shortly for ALL admin postions so far it has received little or no responce from our members which saddens us greatly, it was initially thought that by asking our membership to take a more active roll, it would duly allow those who daily participate a bigger and better say in the day to day running of what is essentially a smuch your community as it is mine or anyone elses for that matter, with such a low rate of responce it has been left to the few who do daily keep this community lowing to again decide upon its fate for the coming year, decisions far better made by a cross section of the community, it is truly the last chance to be involved in any capacity over and above that which you currently are, if i have missed anyones vote please bring it to my attention urgently by PM me straight away otherwise we will go with what we have got for now, and again bring this topic up next January when voting will again take place, it is however reassuring to know by the fact that no one has tried to vote us out the current behind the scenes crew must surely be doing a fine job...

Meetings-Events-Shows Chas our current Social Secretary is currently putting together a meet for sometime in the not to distant future, of which details will be posted in due course, we would love to see as many bodies at this meet as is possible, this meet will mark the start of hopefully bi-monthly meets set up around the country so as we can add a real social feel to our community presence if any of our members feel they could benefit us with information, assistance or insider details having arranged such meets before please do not hesitate to make yourself be known to Chas "Listensqueak" via Pm i am sure any help, ideas, or assistance he can muster at this point would be appriciated..

That's it for now Folk's till next time, have a great month
Founder T4 -T5 Club UK

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