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Help 4 Help
Help 4 Help
The basic idea being that we as members all being different, having different skills, along with different ideas and asperations as to where we want our builds to go.
I am not aware of any lottery winners, and am sure most members have issues much like mine and those i know well, in so much as we all want beautiful vans, buses, campers or whatever, but alas do not always have the available balance to see it through, and even more so in recent "credit crunch" times
Way back on T4 Camper website i launched a scheme whereby the idea was a simple one.
You offered your services at what you are best at, in return for another member doing a job you can not complete, or have no knowledge in, no money changed hands, but both jobs were done by competent individials, correctly and in a timely fashion, ensuring both parties are entirely happy.
Lets now assume shall we a short senario for illustration purposes shall we ?
Member A is really good at lowering T4's but is no good at carpet lining them, and member B is ace at carpet lining but has no knowledge of lowering so by the magic that is T4 -T5 Club both members are in the same place asking for the exact opposite task to be completed, we then have an instant Help 4 Help match, member A then Pm's member B and arranges their trade off, of services...everyone is happy and considerably better off also...an excellent idea to reserect in these hard times...
So please guys start putting down what your good at and lets get this ball rolling shall we
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