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January 2010 Newsletter
Transporter Talk
January 2010
Key Admin Decisions
Well we have survived into another year, and we are still growing, i am happy to announce that our period of indecision is hopefully over, after the Christmas - New Year break, we have come back with more vigour, more energy and more determination to succeed......All we need now is the backing of our membership to make this work and work well.....
Vote Today HERE
A few key issues require to be completed in order for this to happen which involve each and every member, as we have always said this is a Free - Fun and Friendly community where everyone is equal, in keeping with that ehos this si being thrown out to ALL members for both your opinions and your candidates to fill certain posts with a view to certain members taking on more responsibility to help me to run this community the way we would like to see it going...
Thus we will be holding elections in our Forums area from now until the end of the month to decide who will take key roles to move us forward into 2010, the main roles are Administrator - Moderator - Secretary - Social Convenor if you would like to be proposed for any of the above positions please let me no A S A P....May the best man win, as they say.....
General News
Well folks after the dome and gloom of the past few months figures things seem to be looking up, our overall figures are actually quite respectable when all is said and done , thank you one and all for your support throughout the year 09, we need you to double your effort this coming year however so as we grow year on year into a very worthwhile community - website and forum..
I doubt i will ever understand the way they work, one day mad crazy busy and then 4 days with not a single post, however this seems to be the norm, for such websites and communities, these trends did have me worried i have to say, as i totally beleived we were going down apparently not, which has cheered me up no end, giving me renewed vigour to now proceed, taking us on to new heights...
I for one will be upting my postings in our forums regularily to which every member is free to join me in, my new area i am sure will prove to be eventfull mad, crazy, up to date, often contriversial, often funny, but always on par with daily events taking articles from the news, websites and from daily newspapers and having a sociable discussion about them. to be named "View From The Cockpit" look out for it appearing in your forum real soon...   
To take us forward in the manne rwe have in mind we will require submissions froma ll our members for whichever feature/s you wish, [those we already have will now be made use of, appoligies for the delay folks], but we require a constant supply of these to feed our different areas, so no matter what, however large or small, send us them all we will make good us eof all materials sent, images, stories, tech material whatever we need it all Today please sen dyour submissions HERE for inclusion....
Thank you one and all for your continued support it is of course appriciated
Admin T4 -T5 Club UK
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