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July 2010 "Transporter Talk"
July 2010
"Transporter Talk"
Another glourious month over, a few milestones passed, and a club moving forward well month on month i think is the best description to sum up all that we have acheived in this rapidly moving month!! i beleive it would be fair to say....
As many will already be aware the Admin and a few members attended BVF [British Volkswagen Festival] this past weekend, and had a blast our own small friendly mini show with-in a show as they say, with ALL off our crew taking part in the legendary "Runfart" through the villiages surrounding Malvern and The Three Counties Showground, for our part in it headed by off course our Social Sec Chas, followed by Rob our Sec [and Mandie] along with members Glen and Ann showing as it goes in some cases better than some far greater and larger clubs, as was the case on our campground also, [our over all display given that it was our very first] was all in all a massive success, a few lessons learnt [like watch Chas carefully with his new purchases, it was worth going just to video his putting up of his sun canopy] the overall experience off all attending was fantastic making us further beleive the way forward for this club is working to the Ethos we have always maintained since day one!! that being small is beautiful and fun - free - friendly winning the day YET AGAIN... my due thanks and praise to both Chas & Rob for the organisation involved whilst i was sunning myself in France and to all who attended for making our very first BIG show a really resounding success.....
We are already thinking/planning another similar eve
nt before the end off the summer months and pre our September meet in Griezdale.... Details shall follow as soon as anything is finalised meanwhile if you have any suggestions feel free to air them in our Events forum, off where we could show, or hold an event in the future etc...
Our forums are once more getting better use i am happy to announce!! with more subjects being covered each and every day/week/month which after all is the point of them, we openly encourage ALL to contribute to the overall content of our forums which it is duly hoped will slowly grow into a veritable array off information relative to the owning, driving and custom building and of course running of your chosen model.... All types of maintenance, upgrading, customising and general service operations it is hoped will be submitted by our members in due course, so be sure no matter how big or how small that job is that you keep a pen & paper, along with your camera handy to record the whole event to later post as a how to in the relative "How To" forum, think how useful it would be if a "How To" already existed to help you with your current maintence or upgrade.
[c]Helping all to help each other which is what we at T4 -T5 Club UK is all about after all[/c]
A few minor behind the scenes upgrades and changes will be getting made over this coming week 5th - 12th off July to enable a better, faster and more reliable system for us all to enjoy, NONE off these changes should effect the general use nor enjoyment off your T4 -T5 Club, if you notice anything different please PM me direct and do not post unessesary "This doesn't work" etc posts on our forums Thanx ...
Shopping Mall
Our Shopping Mall is nearing completion as i write this months Transporter Talk, simply awaiting final sign offs from some of the companies involved in the advertising there-in, we hope to thus be able to bring to you by mid July some very special deals and discounts designed for OUR MEMBERS from some of the TOP VW T4 - T5 companies from around the country
[c]Look out for further details as and when available in our forums..[/c]
All members with NIL activety as off Noon on the 31st off each month will now be religiously downgraded to that of guests in keeping with our membership registration rules and regs so as to bew able to ensure that those who help, contribute and join in with our events, and online offerings reamin getting the fullest access to all that we supply, so be sure to mainatin the at least twice monthly contribution rule to ensure you continue as a Silver member with access to most things we supply or keep supplying us with relative information, posts and other interesting factual accounts to be upgraded to Gold membership...
[c] Operated by Enthusiasts for Enthusiasts without which we would not exist, don't leave it to the few who do, get invloved[/c]
Travelogues, Shows and other events
It is once again holiday, show and exploration time for many of us where our trusty T4 or T5 will play a major part in the process whether taking us on holiday, to a show or out and about to partake in our chosen sport or activety, we want to hear about it all, all the details, all the holiday snaps a warts and all account of your travels in one of many forums with-in our main forum content where we would love to hear about it all, i will be compiling my own account on our recent trip to France to show the good and bad points of such a trip as we saw it, which we hope will enlighten some ......
Images - Videos
As always your images and videos are sought to add to our current content to build up a library of both for future guests and members alike to enjoy, showing as many models as is humanely possible in as many guises, places and situations, being used for as many purposes as is possible either privately or for business, along the way!! all are off course welcome, all images submitted will be added to our rolling image scroller on our front page, along with being added to either our T4 or T5 "Show Us Yours" forum ....
Build Guides
We all enjoy a good read, especially when that read contains details of a new exciting and innovative T4 or T5 build!! either in progress or likewise completed, so like myself why not gain the praise your personal creation truly deserves, why not start a build guide today in the relative forum and detail your build from purchase to completion either bit by bit or when completed either way building into a lasting account off your T4/T5 journey and encouraging others to follow suit..
Readers Rides - We continualy seek entries for our "Readers Rides" and "Custom" features "Claim The Fame" submit yours today....
Untill next month then have a good one, remember T4 - T5 Club UK in any dealing you may have with your Transporter, keep details off anything that concerns it, and add them in the appropriate forum, good or bad, ask advice, praise dealers and suppliers where nessesary, and use T4 -T5 Club whenever you can, most of all have a safe, happy and favourable experience whatever it entails. 
[c] The T4 -T5 Club UK Admin Team [/c] 
If you have any comments, suggestions, advice or help you can offer please do not be shy feel free to contact us today at vwt4@live.co.uk detailing whatever is on your mind, we always try to take on board and add all suggestions offered, where possible...
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