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November 2010 - Transporter Talk
Transporter Talk
November 2010
Like most proceeding months, so then November follows it's previous cousin and will predesess its latter December we are now, a mere 40 sleeps before that day of days all parents dread, the whole country still reeling in ressesion yet our community continues to grow? Maybe we are doing something right after all! with the steady flow of both new and of course returning members continuing to both our T4 & T5 clubs alike with I'm happy to note more T5 owners now make themselves all be known! So without any further ceremonies as floods, gales and snow are ravaging our country, the ressesion, job/ benefit cuts and fuel bills are rising at an alarming rate the world is all doom and gloom yet through it all, right now today we have ------- members ---- threads and ------ overall unique page hits, all very respectable figures rarely even seen in such a small group and equally by few much larger, let alone one still not yet 2yrs old, a fact we all should be ever so proud of, long may this continue.
Avid and frequent users will doubtfully note the recent addition of a completly new section to our current line-up and a few new intermidery forums added to our line up so as to make better use of current trends whilst battling to keep all technical and Transporter information where it can be easily found when required by our in built search engine.
Forums [general]
We have got to the point where many subjects are now being repeated by some of our newer members, which is fine as we beleive we are here to help, advise and guide where we can however rather than waste our ever so valuable mbs on repeating ourselfs we would ask that All members old or new help by making use of our search function in the first instance, often the very item you are about to ask about has been extenively researched and duly covered in our forum somewhere which not only helps us overall but it also gets you an answer straight away And secondly by correctly titling and describing your subsequent threads or posts you will be aiding all searchs to find the correct information we seek making it a win - win situation for all. Next time you start a thread keep this in mind to help us to help all.
T4 - T5 Camping Club Forum
Do let me duly explain our exciting all new section and the reasons behind its creation !
It had been duly noted by those more knowledgeable it is true than myself on such matters [i have to admit not for the first time it seems] ...that now our "community" is at the point where it is effectively trying too pull itself two ways and apart at the seams! where we in trying to cover the whole of the UK have duly encountered a very few issues it would seem.
It has fast become so very apparent it seems that we have two distinct areas of interest with-in our membership - on the one hand we have the section affectionately refered to as our ever growing "Socialites" group where it has been felt for sometime now that in order to be able to expand we need to create more localised meets and on the otherwe have the sole information and reseach based member who seek the most up to date mods, tricks and How To's for their particular model all are equally important to us requiring an equal share of our overall and core resources.
Our information areas are fast equally as rapidly growing now with our main research/resource library now filling up and containing some great pieces of information on a whole range of topics relevant to the ownership and maintenance of both T4 - T5 models from all years and type in a constantly added to format to enable information to be easilty sought when it is duly to then be required then just as equally is our "How To" sections in terms of all the excellent guides it duly contains our "Readers Rides" section and then the excellent "Members Build Guides" further contain a mine of both real time research materials and oddles of encouragement for all such members that wish to make use of the content with-in
Our Social Side
It is of course important to be able to encourage local members too attend area meets with the sole purpose of being able to then all befriending with other similarily interested fellow local members on a more personal level, interacting with them and being able to arrange meets that would interest the member or indeed his/her whole family enough so as to be able to attended by all on a regular basis.
These core groups it is hoped in time will grow to become one when we all would then attend at events such as BVF or Vanfest and suchlike events in the show callendar when we would all congregate for a meet with-in a meet much like we did with the Clubs meet where we all camped at BVF this past show season, which would allow us to then as a group canvas for members able to show what we are and duly what we are all about..
Our new forum then is split into the Five main areas of Scotland - England - Ireland - Wales [with Europe added just incase we decide later to do say a Cannonball Run of similar !!] All 4/5 groups which in them selves will be local area meets that will be of course organised in line with all of our other clubs meets/events attaining to all policies so at no time will any such attendee not be able to recognisable it as a one of ours...,.....Whether it be a family orientated or a adults only type meet you would know well in advance allowing you to plan which ones too duly be a part of, throughout the year.
So as to cater for all membershipees tastes equally, we will possibly have sports and other themed meets in the pipeline for this coming season, also we may if this idea works split these areas up still further in the future too better encapsulate the broader cross section of our membership dependant solely upon responces of course! And levels of attendees at any meets being the deciding factors always..The initial idea is that these new meets ideally would be monthly on the same week end in each month so effectively in an area somewhere close to you T4 - T5 Club would then always have some thing going on.
And lastly by seperating the camping side from the technical information we will it is hoped keep all the important information you need right at all your very fingertips helping our community as a whole to further expand by still supplying exactly what we all want from our online community......
Further Forum Changes
The very keen eyed will further notice our new "Work - Hobbies - Passtimes" forum in the same section designed wholly to get all to share with us all their other work & free time activeties what ever these may be and to allow some extended disussion on our other passions apart from all our respective vans of course so please as soon as this forum is fully open be sure to get down and make full use of it as it was intended.
Also newly added is our "What's It Worth" forum an area added to let all of our membership who are having to duly contemplate selling up either their van or parts and camping gear to get a non biast fair apprasial based solely on our vast knowledge allowing these items to be then placed in either our Free members for sale areas or in others in the safe knowledge it will it is hoped make at least what we think it will, whilst also giving the whole of the community the heads up on your impending sale....
Help us then to keep our community relevant and up to date by duly today posting all of your due information/ images and/or other usefull of details the more you post and participate the more current we become the more current we become the more T4 - T5 owners will want to be a part of our presense making an allround better experience for us all - together we can build a enviable resource only dreamt of elsewhere .....
So now is the time to post all of your suggestions for meets/events and in our all new T4 - T5 Campimg/Events Forums is the very place to do so in the usual way by posting in the most relative section always [please note that the area sections are locked to post in to all but that areas organiser] You can if you would rather email me at vwt4@live.co.uk any suggestions or feelings you may have or any advice or suggestions and offers of help are always welcomed we always seek any one who has arranged these type of meets previously for guidance.
In the meantime enjoy your respective model, keep dubbin
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