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November Newsletter

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November 09

Welcome To Our November Newsletter for the radidly growing T4 -T5 Club UK community website and forum, online 24/7 Fun - Free and always friendly, this month has been a bit up and down as it goes, with major issues as a direct result of our last months changes to our membership privelages, as such a slight U-Turn was required to keep as many of our members happy as was possible, the strange part about all that is NONE of the members and i mean NONE has used us since complaining that their access had been cut back, which kind of proves my belief that these members are only wanting to be members in name only, strange yet very much true, as me olde granny used to say and as it would now seem quite correctly " There's nowt stranger than folk" and god was she right...

Club Merchandise - So far we have managed to obtain a company called Ball and Chain, to produce one off custom t-shirts for our members in either white or black colours so show your support and buy one today details coming soon in our Advertsising Suite look out for it's launch real soon..

Website - Our website over the next few weeks will be changing for the better, when our Ad-Board Galleries and certain other parts are set up on their own to release much needed space here on our main site, it will also mean that these sections will now be able to expand and be ever more useful in their own rights as seperate intregal parts making up the whole experience that is undoubtedly seconded to none know thus far. All sections of the website by the time you get around to reading thsi months Newsletter should of been updated, with due apoligies going out to all our expectant owners and companies awaiting their very special feature to be live, it was a very hard desision to have to make but one we had no real choice over, we had to concentrate on getting the website operating correctly to the best it could be prior to having to worry over updates and new features, i am sure you would agree, however everything is now complete to allow us to add the long awaited feature presentations such as "Yivan's Yellow Peril T4 Custom", and "Matt's Red exlusive T4 in our Readers Rides section", whilst several other sections have either been either re-vamped, or completely rewitten/designed, i shall leave you to find these as you look about, our Novemebr offering of teh UK's favorite Alternative Volkswagen T4 -T5 Transporter community website and forum...
As is always the case we seek YOUR transporter to feature upon our pages in a similar feature to the ones that Yivan and Matt are currently undoubtedly this months stars with-in, fancy "Claiming The fame" for your hard work, your design, or your adaptions we welcome all modles, all years of both T4 and T5 Transporter to our ranks and indeed to our feature spots, all are equal here everyone is welcome to submit their rides, whether built or in the process of being built whether a custom, camper, work or play Transporter we want to hear from you.

Important Notice
Without your help we don't have any features to compile our monthly change overs, if you want to read the same features month after month feel free, without your help we can not get the buses to feature plain and simple, help us to help you, and to enable us to provide the best FREE community available, we have very recently come under fire for not providing ever changing content, the same people who are at the fore front of every saga of complaints, are the same members who happily take, but have yet to give back to the community, guys this community was set up to be equal fair to all and to treat all the same without your information, help and support it is physically impossible to do so, so come on dig deep, find those long lost build start images, that long lost photo log, travelogue or help guide, and get them in to us now for inclusion, together we can and will build the best community available.
If you are a company involve din supplying any service or product to the T4 -T5 Transporter sector feel free to also submit your guides, infomration or How To's, all would be made most welcome, we only refuse unfair critics and blows here at T4 -T5 Club UK], everything else large or small would be most welcome, we badly need T5 information, images, How To's and such like if you can help us out now is the time to do so...

Our forums are doing their usual up and down quite one minute busy the next routine, regularily posted upon by the stalwarths of this community you know who you are and without you we would be dead in the water, all our forums are underused and always have been, but such is the nature of the beast, although through a very shaky start, we have kept this community alive, kicking and growing for almost a year now, and intend so doing for many more to come, all w eask is that our members who after all joined us as part of their registration details were willing to adhere to joining in with our online content, where are they now ??
So my friends, one and all, who frequent other similar so called larger, better groups than this take a look at their online stats, and see for yourself they may well have in exces of 10k in members on paper, but how many are actually frequently using their service, hazarding a guess not more than 10% they can boast all they want the truth of the matter is in percentage terms we are doing not all that badly, so come on guys make up those threads, ask those questions, ask our panel of experts your query, thus gaining the right answer first time, everytime FREE what more can i say really the facts are just that we still offer the best FREE service available...
That's all for now folks......
oo -- oo -- oo

As always if you have anything to say, add, suggest or submit do so HERE
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