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Transporter Talk August 2010
Transporter Talk August 2010
As all our members will undoubtedly now notice our site upgrading process after a few hitches worked remarkably well, i can now confirm that it was a bit touch and go and undoubtedly took a bit longer than first expected however with the community and forum we now have it was worth the wait.
Many changes have been made to both the overall design, concept and running of our entire online presence, by so doing it is hoped we have managed to iron out mosy of the glitches, annoyances and such like that have plauqed our community over the preceeding months, some issues are outwith our control to remedy however i should also take this oppurtunity to add that several other forum and website software will be getting trialled over the coming months with a veiw to a possible future complete change in hosts/suppliers but it should be stressed one of the main reasons this was not carried out this or any other time problems occured was quite simple most major changes of this sort would mean we would loose ALL forum posts, all threads and a great deal of our websitee knowledge built up over the now 2 + years we have been online a simple matter i am not willing to allow, we have worked hard at finding answers building thsi community and shaping it the way we want it so the thought of starting all over again from scratch simply fills us with horror hense remedies have always previously been sourced from with-in not to say we will never move over to a better more functionable site/community/forum just not anytime soon least untill a way of saving our built up knowledge base a completely...
Our main forum content has been moved around, some forums have been removed, some added and some simply moved in order of importance in the list, to hopefully make the whole forum experience more intuative, easier to use, and take part in with the most used areas nearer the top, with-in this process we have pruned back some areas and removed posts that have no relevance to a forum, or moved them to where they have, in an overall tidying up of our forum area, which will help our search facility to find posts, it is off course hoped that members will make use of this function before posting thus saving our main members myself included from having to answer the same questions over and over again with this in mind we have added a basics forum where basic information of the typr frequently asked of us will reside you know the type of thing "where is my bonnet catch" or "where is my vin plate" type questions in an attempt at only having to answer such queries once
A few of us continue to contribute over and above what is expected which keeps us evolving day on day month on month you know who you are and once again i salute those members, whilst asking once again for EVERY member making use of our community to consider that without members contributions/participation we would not be here, we are after all a members community where ALL members are supposed to participate fully in every area possible thus growing our information and equally our community, making it far more attractive to new members, this said in our recent upgrading process all members will notice changes in their accounts and their privelages as we now revert back to the original untouched system which does so reward users who are using our community and not those who dont, with this in mind we revert to our original those who particiapte gain more from the overall community presence "the fair way"
Some forums are now locked to some members this is to enable the more indepth more precise knowledge to be offered only to those willing to add to our overall content in this way rewarding those who particpate, those who put in the hours, days, weeks and months service to keep this community moving forwards essentially from now on if you wish to have full access, to be able to make full use of everything we supply then you need to participate simple as that .....
T4 - T5 Club is not only about online knowledge and fact building oh no!!! it's also about being out there at shows, events and club meets throughout the country with the aim of also building up our social side recently visiting BVF The British Volkswagen Festival in Malvern which was a roaring success netting us a few new members and a lot of interest from both trade and private owners alike with those who attended our club satnd there still on a high its with great pleasure that we announce two up and coming meets for ALL members of our community this time both just club meets though..
Barns Farm Peak District 27th-29th August  - Which will be a totally new meet area and location for us however ity is hoped to possibly make this a permanent one if as we suspect it is found to cater to our needs..

Greizdale Lake District 24th-26th September - Yet again we return to Griezdale camping a site Chas our social convenor picked for us and which supplied us with a great venue for our first ever club meet back in March this is an Admin - Community meet which it is hoped as many as possibly will this time attend where many items will be on the agenda from admin decisions to silly games and a whole lot more besides ....
Full details fixutre lists and a lot more besides can be found in our EVENTS forum within our main forum content please ensure if you are intending coming to either meet that you make it known in its particular forum so we can alert the site owners as to a final tally count for each ...
For now that seems to be it guys, other than to ask all to make full use of all we supply lets spend the rest of this year getting our house fully in order ahead of a full callendar of events next season by which time we will be both well equipped and able to take on the best ........ 
Keep on Dubbin 
T4 - T5 Admin  
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