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Transporter Talk January 2011
Transporter Talk January 2011

Community activeties have moved on during the Christmas and New Yera break with on average a full 5 new members weekly some of which are actively participating in all we provide some which are not, thats just the way of such forum/community groups sadly no matter what we say or what we do it will always be the same untill YOU our members take more of an interest in what we do and wish to help us to grow into the fun family freindly community we know we can be, all we need is your participation.........

Forum life ambles on somewhat as expected with enough to keep us ever changing but not enough to keep our frequent users busy it like the main site is a balancing act as to what to have included and what not to, many areas NEED much more attention and far more input to make really great, all our library is growing but could also do with a lot more specific information in a kind of search all areas and finding what you want ......... Our FREE for sale and wanted areas again is woefully underused this i simply cannot get to grips with!! we weekly have people emailing and asking online for Transporters it cost nothing but a few minutes to post them where other sites charge for the privelage...... we have opened our new T4 -T5 Camping Club part of the forum now which we hope will inspire some to join in with the view of providing family TRANSPORTER themed and related meets in the coming season...

We still as always badly require your input, your build guides, your images and/or your travelogues along with any sort of technical or how to information to help boost and answer a lot of the questions asked of us, all can be either directly uploaded to the site/community or sent for inclusion direct to me at t4club@live.co.uk

Im afraid its a short Transporter Talk this month due to family and health constraints i just don't have the available time to spend this time around but worry not i will be back bigger and better next month

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