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Date: Friday, 15/Jun/12, 7.18 PM | Message # 1
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From: 23/Aug/10
mate just bought a bongo

what a nice effortless electric pop top it has really like it

question is will it fit t4 look`s like it would when parked side by side plenty in scrap yard`s due to poor head`s

what ya think

has it been done before seem to be lookin at all sort`s since i decided to keep mine




Date: Friday, 15/Jun/12, 7.43 PM | Message # 2
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From: 06/Sep/09
dunno Chas.......... Dug......... ?????????????


Rob. [Secretary]


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Date: Friday, 15/Jun/12, 9.31 PM | Message # 3
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From: 20/Feb/09
The Bongo is a fair bit narrower than a T4. It's not a simple job either. The guy who did mine took a week and it was made for the van complete with the strengthening frame. Anything is possible though. It will fit but I would be prepared to do a lot of mods to get it to seal. One more point... I spotted a Bongo at speed on the M40 going in the opposite direction this week. The lower front of the pop top was flapping so much I could clearly see it from the other side of the motorway. Not good. May have been peculiar to that one but looked very flexible. A Reimo would be a better bet, look good and add much more value too. Austops is a cheaper alternative but not great for foot room when sleeping.


Chas! [Social Convener]


Date: Friday, 15/Jun/12, 9.33 PM | Message # 4
Major general
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From: 05/Jul/10
think this one was answered before to a degree

pics of one from another site
(i do not own these pics so credit for these pictures given to whoever it was that took them) using for reference only
Attachments: 3758271.jpg(51.3 Kb) · 3454528.jpg(56.0 Kb)



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T4 - T5 Forum Pages » T4 - T5 Members Posts » Bodywork » roof
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